Southwest Airlines again sees outsized disruptions in latest winter storm


Southwest Airlines experienced more flight hold-ups and cancellations than other providers as another winter season storm in the northern U.S. interfered with flight travel throughout the nation early Wednesday.

According to information from FlightAware, Southwest Airlines was leading all providers in cancellations or postponed flights, with an overall of 411 early Wednesday. Delta Air Lines was likewise greatly impacted, with an overall of 378 postponed or canceled flights; by Wednesday afternoon, it had actually pulled ahead of Southwest for the volume of flights impacted.

Regional provider SkyWest Airlines, which runs flights for United, Delta and American airline companies, to name a few, was the 3rd most impacted, with 295 postponed or canceled flights.

An alternative flight tracking website, Anuvu, which likewise determines hold-ups and cancellations, revealed Southwest and Delta connected for worst on-time departure rate since Wednesday early morning, at simply 56%. Delta had the greatest cancellation rate, at 10%, compared to Southwest’s 6%.

FlightAware revealed that the airport most impacted by the storm was Minneapolis-Saint Paul, a center for Delta that is likewise served by Southwest, with 44% of flights canceled Wednesday. Denver International Airport, a center for Southwest, was likewise greatly impacted, with 11%, or 100 flights, canceled and 58 flights, or 6%, postponed. Other airports served by Southwest that were impacted by the storm consist of Detroit Metropolitan, Chicago Midway and Salt Lake City International.

Southwest and Delta have actually both released flight waivers for tourists possibly impacted by today’s storm that will enable them to rebook without paying any service charge.

In a declaration, Southwest stated it was proactively making schedule modifications based upon projections.

Capt. Casey Murray, a Southwest pilot and representative for the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, stated in an interview that the preventive cancellations are the outcome of Southwest’s continuous problems with its treatments, specifically associated to personnel scheduling. At Southwest, team members should by hand hire about their accessibility, instead of alert the provider digitally; Southwest is working out modifications to the treatment with the pilots union.

” It’s about how this airline company links teams to planes, which still is not being attended to,” Murray stated.

Southwest is still handling the fallout from a 2022 Christmas weekend winter season storm disaster that saw a minimum of 2 million tourists’ flights canceled which expense the airline company a minimum of $800 million. Southwest has actually commissioned a research study to identify what failed however has actually preliminarily blamed a mix of technical and procedural elements. Its COO likewise informed a current Senate hearing that the provider’s winter season weather condition readiness was insufficient

Tips for rebooking a flight

To prevent being caught in a line to rebook at your airline company’s terminal, get on the web instantly and begin trying to find alternative types of travel. Professionals state Google’s flight search choice is the very best bet for discovering the most updated options when it concerns getting a brand-new flight, which are likewise searchable by a variety of requirements, consisting of cost.

If you’re strapped for money and are seeking to rebook, you’ll still wish to try to call the airline company prior to or as you wait in line for an in-person rebooking representative. Of note: Not all significant airline companies have rebooking arrangements with other providers. The ones that do are: Alaska, American, Delta, Hawaiian, JetBlue and United. The ones that do not are: Allegiant, Frontier, Southwest and Spirit.

What your rights are if your flight was canceled

In this scenario, you are just entitled to a refund if you do not take a deal to be rebooked on another flight. That likewise suggests you do not need to accept an airline company’s deal of a coupon. According to the Transportation Department: “If an airline company cancels a traveler’s flight or makes a substantial modification in the flight, despite the factor, airline companies are needed to offer a timely refund to a ticketed guest, consisting of those with non-refundable tickets, ought to the traveler select not to accept the alternative provided, such as rebooking on another flight.”

Unfortunately, you have couple of rights if your flight is postponed or canceled for factors beyond an airline company’s control

According to the Transportation Department site, just elements like upkeep or team issues, cabin cleansing, luggage loading and fueling count as within an airline company’s control.

If your flight was postponed for 3 hours or more or if it canceled and you need to wait a minimum of 3 hours for a brand-new flight, you are entitled to a meal, meal money or a coupon and, with the exception of Frontier Airlines, are entitled to complimentary hotel lodgings and complimentary ground transportation to and from a hotel for an over night cancellation circumstance. Click here for more.

If your flight is postponed for any other factor, like weather condition, you are not entitled to any settlement or refund.

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