New photo shows U.S. spy plane pilot’s selfie with Chinese balloon


The Defense Department has actually launched a brand-new picture revealing an Air Force pilot flying above the presumed Chinese spy balloon that was shot down over U.S. area this month.

In the image, dated Feb. 3, the pilot looks down at the security balloon from the cockpit of a U-2 spy aircraft as the item hovers over the main continental U.S.

The Defense Department did not recognize the pilot in the selfie. Its credibility was verified at a Pentagon rundown Wednesday.

Addressing press reporters at the instruction, deputy Pentagon press secretary Sabrina Singh stated search operations to recuperate sensing units and other particles from the balloon, which a rocket shot down Feb. 4 off South Carolina, had actually concluded recently.

Singh stated, “The bulk of the balloon, consisting of the payload, was recuperated.” National Security Council representative John Kirby stated at a current news instruction that the recuperated product was at the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia. “It’s a fair bit– it’s a substantial quantity– consisting of the payload structure, along with a few of the electronic devices and the optics,” he stated.

China states that the balloon was an unstaffed civilian airship utilized for meteorological research study that strayed off course which shooting it down was an overreaction and an offense of worldwide standards. Beijing has actually implicated Washington of intensifying the disagreement.

Officials stated they had actually aborted the look for particles from 3 other unknown aerial items that were shot down this month over hard-to-reach locations in Alaska and Canada and in Lake Huron

Kirby stated recently that there was no sign the items were connected to China’s security balloon program which the U.S. intelligence neighborhood was thinking about whether they had “some industrial or benign function.”

NBC News initially reported the presence of the believed Chinese spy balloon on Feb. 2.

Chantal Da Silva

Chantal Da Silva is a breaking news editor for NBC News Digital based in London.

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