Book excerpt: “The Book of Animal Secrets” by Dr. David Agus

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Could humanity find out how to deal with or prevent illness and conditions, like cancer or Alzheimer’s, by studying the advancement of animals?

In ” The Book of Animal Secrets: Nature’s Lessons for a Long and Happy Life”(to be released March 7 by Simon & & Schuster, a department of CBS’ moms and dad business, Paramount Global), Dr. David Agus takes a look at how the genes, habits and diet plan of animals has actually safeguarded them in their environments– lessons that might be utilized to our benefit, if we ‘d focus on them.

Read the excerpt listed below, and do not miss out on Jonathan Vigliotti’s interview with David Agus on ” CBS Sunday Morning” February 26!

” The Book of Animal Secrets” by David B. Agus (Hardcover)

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Look deep into nature, and after that you will comprehend whatever much better.


What if, for the rest of your life, your body could be 10 to fifteen years more youthful than your birth certificate states? What if you could securely modify your genes to prevent getting the Alzheimer’s or cardiovascular disease that infamously runs in your household? What if I could guarantee you that you ‘d never ever establish cancer or some unusual, abominable disease without any significant treatment? What if you could understand precisely which diet plan and workout routine to follow to remain lean and fit? What if you could prevent ever feeling depressed, throbbing, foggy, and “old”?

What if.

What if.

What if.

This book was substantiated of aggravation. I check out clinical and medical journals daily to remain ahead of all the most recent advancements and developments. I’m constantly rather disappointed as I follow the development of medication. We’re having developments, no doubt about it. I’m seeing illness that were when lethal now being handled for extended periods of time. And yet when I discover another types that has actually adjusted in the exact same environment we have actually however has actually done so far better– an elephant that will prevent cancer in spite of its size, a giraffe that will never ever experience cardiovascular issues despite hypertension, a queen ant that can outlast its genetically comparable associates by an aspect of eighty– I begin to question what we can gain from those adjustments and how we can take advantage of them in our own lives to live longer, healthier, and better. How can we hack our system?

You’re about to discover.

This is a book about what we can gain from other animals– those we like and those we dislike and those we do not think of much– to notify our own health, durability, and even methods of believing and connecting to others. Human advancement has actually taken place over countless years, and while we’ve been studying that, among the important things we’ve missed out on is that every other animal in the world has actually likewise been developing, determining to how to deal with threatening stress factors, procreate, and flourish. Numerous have actually had greatly more time to best themselves and adjust to their and our environment. Lots of never ever get cancer, grow overweight, experience stress and anxiety and anxiety, agreement infections, reveal signs of heart disease, experience problems in their neurology like dementia or Parkinson’s illness, end up being diabetic, fall ill with autoimmune conditions, and even establish external indications of aging like thin gray hair, wrinkles, and arthritic joints. Some life-forms can hear without ears, see without eyes, stay fertile till death, regrow lost limbs, go back to a more youthful phase in the life process, interact with one another without speaking or perhaps utilizing what we ‘d think about language, and believe without a brain.

Most of us do not typically consider advancement, however it is quite worth thinking about. Advancement can assist us comprehend ourselves much better and find out how to live much better too. It can supply a structure for browsing what typically seems a hard, disorderly world; deal standards for making great choices and accepting severe truths; and discuss both health and illness. This book will open you to a brand-new viewpoint.

From “The Book of Animal Secrets” by David B. Agus, MD, with Kristin Loberg. Copyright © 2023 by Dr. David G. Agus. Excerpted with authorization of Simon & & Schuster, a department of Paramount Global.

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