UNC Board Announces Opposition to Proposed ACC Expansion with Stanford, Cal and SMU


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Count North Carolina as one of the schools that will vote versus the additions of Stanford, California and SMU to the ACC.

The university’s board of trustees launched the following declaration on Thursday:

Travon Miles @TrayABC11

Full declaration from the << a href=" https://twitter.com/hashtag/UNC?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">> #UNC< Board of Trustees opposing ACC growth.<< br><> < br>> This is getting fascinating … << a href=" https://t.co/8SerfFsBew">> pic.twitter.com/8SerfFsBew

That can be found in the wake of The Athletic’s Stewart Mandel and Nicole Auerbach reporting previously on Thursday that the ACC presidents would fulfill Friday to “go over and possibly vote” the possible additions of Stanford, Cal and SMU.

Conference adjustment has actually been the style of the offseason in college sports, with Washington and Oregon signing up with USC and UCLA in the Big Ten and Arizona, Arizona State, Utah and Colorado heading to the Big 12.

The outcome has actually been the pending death of the Pac-12, and more modifications might be coming, with the ACC’s future now securely in the spotlight. Particularly, will the conference likewise broaden, or could it ultimately lose its most popular schools?

Rumors have actually recommended that Florida State is looking for either a brand-new conference or a bigger part of the profits pie to stay the ACC, while the SEC hides as a possibly attractive location for both the Seminoles and schools like Clemson or North Carolina if the ACC drags its rivals in the profits department.

Expansion has actually been provided as a possible salve to that issue.

As Mandel and Auerbach reported, ESPN “should pay a complete pro-rata share for any brand-new members” however “numerous conference sources stated SMU wants to accept no ACC media rights earnings for a minimum of 7 years, and Stanford and Cal would start at around 30 percent, maximizing a swimming pool of more than $70 countless brand-new cash to be dispersed amongst the present members beginning in 2024-25”

That, in turn, might be “utilized to reward schools for on-field efficiency in a brand-new revenue-distribution system, assisting the schools that invest greatly in football (such as Florida State and Clemson) to pursue closing the monetary space with their peers in the SEC and Big Ten.”

North Carolina, nevertheless, does not appear swayed by the possible advantages being provided. It stays to be seen if the other ACC schools will be more lured.

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