Ukrainian families contend with grief, loss amid counteroffensive


Ukraine’s counteroffensive brings heavy casualties

Ukraine’s counteroffensive brings heavy casualties as households compete with sorrow, loss02: 28

Kharkiv, Ukraine— In a scene that is all too typical, young kids buried their dad, Yevgeny Hutnik, in Kharkiv on Sunday, 10 days after he passed away combating versus Russian forces in the eastern Donetsk area.

His coffin was decreased into the ground along with other fallen soldiers from Kharkiv. The piece of land took for them at a cemetery continues to grow. In the brief area of time CBS News was at the cemetery, 2 brand-new bodies were given be buried, a practically everyday incident.

Ukraine never ever launches figures of their losses in the war versus Russia. In the 3 months given that their counteroffensive kicked off, there appears to have actually been a sharp boost in casualties.

Ukrainian families contend with grief, loss amid counteroffensive
A funeral service for a fallen Ukrainian soldier is held at a cemetery in Kharkiv, Ukraine. September2023 CBS News

Oksana’s partner, Pavlo, was eliminated in an air campaign.

“It’s tough to accept he’s gone” Oksana informed CBS News. “It’s just when I am here that it sinks in. I feel as if he is still alive … someplace on an objective.”

The couple were wed for 5 years. They concurred that if Pavlo was eliminated in action she would take his location. Now she is combating in Bakhmut, part of an aerial reconnaissance group.

There is a mortuary near the cutting edge where unidentified soldiers are brought directly from the battleground. It is Margot’s task to tape their information and assist put names to the fallen. One day, it ended up being individual.

“The worst day was when they brought my spouse here,” Margot stated. “It was the hardest day of my life.”

The path of death going through these doors appears perpetual. Every day, kids are discovering that war is not some remote historic occasion. It is best on their doorstep, and they are enduring it in the worst method possible.

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