UFC Fighter Michael Chandler Shows Off the Gym and Fridge That Keeps Him Shredded


MICHAEL CHANDLER IS the kind of person you ‘d wish to have in your corner. The UFC light-weight fighter is among the most electrical professional athletes in his department, with several Fight of the Night wins for his slugfest matches. He’s likewise among the coaches on the upcoming 31 st season of the UFC’s long-running The Ultimate Fighter television series— and is slated to face his competing coach, the resurgent Conor McGregor, in the Octagon after the program covers

Before that reveal begins on ESPN on May 30 th, Chandler opened his house in Nashville, Tennessee to the MH team so we might have a look at his fitness center and refrigerator. The trip started in the cooking area, breaking down the contents of what he called “the most fundamental part of your home for a professional athlete”– the fridge. Chandler’s refrigerator is certainly in heavy usage, filled with multiple-use containers filled with leftovers and ready food in addition to packaged products. “I constantly have meat and veggies in my refrigerator,” he stated, mentioning ground elk, hamburger, free-range eggs, salmon, and ready meals that he utilizes when he’s in a training school leading up to a battle. Veggie-wise, Chandler explained spinach, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, and roasted beets remaining from the meal his better half made.

Chandler called his pre-fight nutrition prepares the hardest diet plan he’s ever attempted. “If I strive in the kitchen area– pull the ideal things out of my fridge and the ideal things in my body– that weight cut is going to be much easier and my efficiency is going to be much better. That’s the most crucial thing,” he stated. On the night prior to a battle, Chandler stated he keeps his meals constant. He sticks to the very same high-protein, high-fat foods, in addition to sweet potato, rice, or gluten totally free pasta, to prevent presenting anything that may disturb his stomach.

The light-weight isn’t a huge breakfast man, however stated rushed eggs, veggies, and bacon with his preferred sauce called “Ninja Squirrel,” a coconut sriracha mixture. When he does require to feel “like a typical human,” pizza is his go-to home cooking. No professional athlete can withstand detailing their preferred protein shakes, and Chandler is no exception. He likes a chocolate powder base, with frozen fruits, spirulina, and crushed nuts.

Diets alter as professional athletes deal with various difficulties and discover what works best for their bodies. For Chandler, that suggests that he’s moved from consuming carbohydrates to mainly eating meat, fats, fruits, and veggies. He likewise utilizes supplements and credits them for his durability.

But Chandler does not just have one refrigerator. Simply around the corner from the kitchen area is his kitchen– and in the kitchen is his drink refrigerator and coffee station. He utilizes an espresso maker to make black coffee, then includes espresso, coconut oil, and a non-dairy creamer. The drink refrigerator is equipped with a big variety of carbonated waters, Monster Energy beverages (Chandler chooses the white and orange no sugar alternatives), kombucha, and great deals of water.

Once the refrigerator trip is over, Chandler opened his “suffering sanctuary”– the fully-stocked house fitness center that rests on his home. “I’m training mixed-martial arts each and every single day.” he stated. The breakdown is extreme: Monday and Tuesday is MMA training, Wednesday is strength and conditioning work, Thursday is more MMA drilling, and Friday afternoon is for strength training. “My battles are constantly explosive,” Chandler stated. “I attempt to be as effective as I potentially can. I’ve been attempting to do that over the past 22 years, which’s exercised truly well for me.”

While Chandler stated he concentrated on basic strength motions when he initially began raising weights, he’s altered for many years to doing more practical, explosive workouts that will assist him as a fighter. He likewise credits raising weights to assist preventing injury, and is a huge advocate of utilizing a foam roller

But when he does not strike the fitness center, Chandler stated he likes path running. “Any day that you can go out in God’s development out in the woods is a great day.”

After the health club trip, Chandler handled a series of fast fire concerns. To up the stakes, he altered the location once again. The fighter delved into a barrel filled with 47 degree water for a cold plunge. He had responses to all the subjects– including his dream training pal– prior to bringing the trip to a close.

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Brett Williams, NASM

Brett Williams, a physical fitness editor at Men’s Health, is a NASM-CPT licensed fitness instructor and previous professional football gamer and tech press reporter who divides his exercise time in between strength and conditioning training, martial arts, and running. You can discover his work somewhere else at Mashable, Thrillist, and other outlets.

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