U.S. troops will stay at the southern border at least through Sept. 30


Hundreds of active-duty U.S. soldiers will continue their release to the southern border through the next month, the Defense Department informed NBC News on Thursday.

” On August 24, 2023, the Secretary of Defense authorized an extension of approximately 400 workers offering assistance to Customs and Border Protection on the Southwest border through September 30, 2023,” stated a Pentagon representative, Lt. Col. Devin T. Robinson.

In early May, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin authorized the release of 1,500 soldiers to the southern border for 90 days to support the Department of Homeland Security throughout a rise in prohibited border crossings.

The soldiers’ objective had actually been anticipated to end Aug. 8, however the Defense Department extended the stays of 400 of the soldiers up until Thursday. The 1,100 other soldiers were sent out house.

There was dispute within the Biden administration about whether to extend them once again, the authorities stated, with some military authorities suggesting the soldiers be sent out house.

Migrants are escorted by a U.S. Army soldier after entering into El Paso, Texas from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to be processed by immigration authorities, May 10, 2023.
Migrants are accompanied by a U.S. Army soldier after participating in El Paso, Texas from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to be processed by migration authorities, May 10,2023 Andres Leighton/ AP file

In a declaration, a DHS representative stated, “DHS values the extension of 400 DOD workers who are offering assistance at the southwest border. The assistance workers are important so that CBP representatives and officers can go out in the field to firmly, securely, and humanely handle the southwest border.”

The soldiers were released in reaction to a record rise of more than 10,000 migrant crossings of the southwest border daily leading up to the lifting of the Covid border constraints called Title42 DHS anticipated the numbers would increase even greater after Title 42 ended on May 12, however rather they dropped to less than 3,000 each day

Since then, they have actually gradually climbed up back up to about 5,000 unlawful southwest border crossings a day, according to CBP.

Courtney Kube

Courtney Kube is a reporter covering nationwide security and the military for the NBC News Investigative Unit.

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Julia Ainsley is homeland security reporter for NBC News and covers the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department for the NBC News Investigative Unit.

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