Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 passes bend and teardown tests with flying colors

Can the Z Flip5 take the heat? (Source: JerryRigEverything via YouTube)
Can the Z Flip5 take the heat? (Source: JerryRigEverything by means of YouTube)

The Galaxy Z Flip5 is the most recent contribution to the growing category of clamshell collapsible Android smart devices from Samsung. The classification’s credibility has actually just recently taken some hits in 2023 thanks to the Motorola Razr Plus’ bad luck on the well-known JerryRigEverything YouTube channel. It now appears the Flip5 has actually scored some redemption points for its class as of late.

Zach Nelson is a vlogger notoriously passionate about resilient, long-lived smart devices; for that reason, it may come as some surprise to witness the JerryRigEverything host honestly mull a switch from a long-serving Galaxy Note 10+ to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 as a brand-new everyday motorist – especially due to the extremely comparable Motorola Razr Plus‘ technical stop working throughout its own sturdiness test video.

Nelson had consequently developed that the brand-new Razr-series flagship’s class-leading cover display screen is mainly vulnerable to a disconcerting fracture when attempting to fold the mobile phone the incorrect method in a non-everyday usage method.

Nevertheless, the Z Flip5 surpassed its Motorola competitor, having actually even overcome the threatening popping sounds made by its predecessor throughout its own JerryRigEverything abuse test – even with the brand-new dust-bath round for Samsung’s non-dust-resistant foldables.

On that note, iFixit has actually likewise just recently provided the Z Flip5 a pass for repairability regardless of a frustrating absence of direct exposure to more day-glo powder, even with its old-school tailored hinges and “ consumable” primary screen that may make independent replacement less practical.

Nevertheless, with its absence of DeX assistance, minimal scope for electronic camera efficiency and single physical SIM card slot, it stays to be seen if the Z Flip5 might truly make an appropriate Note 10+ replacement – in truth, it is possible that the Galaxy Z Fold6 may show a much better prospect for that task.

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Deirdre O’Donnell, 2023-08-29( Update: 2023-08-29)

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