Ronda Rousey’s 32 Y/O Conqueror Claims Dominik Mysterio Doesn’t Have the B*lls to Face Her


WWE Raw loaded a strong punch by providing an amusing program. With Judgement Day normally taking spotlight and controling procedures, it appears like they have actually lastly discovered their match. While Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley constantly get the upper hand on their challengers, nevertheless, this time they were no match for their competitors and were gotten rid of off quickly.

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Adding fuel to the fire, WWE queen Raquel Rodriguez has actually trolled Dominik on her social networks after damaging him and Ripley in a significant section on Raw.

Dominik Mysterio asking for grace


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Rhea Ripley has actually been having a difficult time keeping Judgement Day together for a while now. With continuous friction in between the staff member, Ripley’s attention has actually been diverted.

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Swooping in is Raquel Rodriguez who’s been associated with a fight with Mami for a while now. With Payback looming, the 2 are going to contend for the Women’s Championship in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since a lot is at stake, the opposition was on the mission to make a big declaration ahead of her championship, and she did.

During Ripley’s sector on Raw, the champ teased and put down Rodriguez by buffooning her. Rodriguez, having actually heard enough, made her method to the ring and ruined the Eradicator. Dominik slipped in from behind, just for the opposition to look back at Dominik.

She then left the North American Champion afraid and pleading for grace. Resolving this, she teased Dominik by calling him out on her social networks in a harsh method.

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The begging-off enabled Ripley to assault her from behind. The 32- year-old was able to evade Ripley’s attacks and tossed her away with a hip toss. She later on clotheslined her out of the ring, constructing complete momentum ahead of her clash. With Rodriguez beating Rousey two times in 2023 in a tag match, the chances remain in her favor to get rid of Mami.

Establishing supremacy by beating Ronda Rousey

2023 has actually been a strong year for Raquel. She would catch the Raw Tag group titles two times with Liv Morgan. Her 2nd title reign came by beating the famous Ronda Rousey at the Money in the Bank, PLE, after Shayna Baszler turned on her throughout the match, enabling Rodriguez and Morgan to pin Rousey.

” I’m Distracted”: Rhea Ripley Blames Damian Priest & & Finn Balor for Making Her Look Weak Against Raquel Gonzalez


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With that win, she ended up being the most embellished females’s tag group champ in history, having 5 reigns in between both NXT and WWE tag group champions.

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Now, with her fight broiling with Ripley for months after Ripley assaulted Rodriguez’s knee throughout a backstage sector, costing her the tag group titles Rodriguez is determined on exacting her vengeance and getting her hands on the title.


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What do you think of Rodriguez’s possibilities of beating Ripley for her title at Payback? Do you believe Mami’s title reign is going to end this weekend?

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