Key Words: A TikTok ban is just ‘a Band-Aid on maybe a small scab,’ N.Y. Democrat says 


‘ To prohibit TikTok is to put a Band-Aid on possibly a little scab versus what’s taking place in the entire social networks landscape.’

That was Rep. Jamaal Bowman speaking on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation on Sunday, simply days after TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew affirmed prior to House legislators about information personal privacy issues connected to the popular video-sharing app.

” We require to take an action back,” he continued. “And if we actually wish to actually examine social networks, the damages the take place on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, I can argue, are far even worse than what TikTok has actually provided.”

Concerns that information from TikTok’s 150 million American users might be shown the Chinese federal government are driving expenses in Congress that might wind up prohibiting the app, which is owned by Beijing-based ByteDance.

The Biden administration supposedly has actually informed TikTok’s Chinese owners to offer their stakes in the popular video-sharing app or deal with a restriction in the U.S. And the administration likewise has stated it supports legislation from Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia and Republican Sen. John Thune of South Dakota that might lead to a restriction.

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Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted on Sunday that your home will be moving on with a TikTok restriction, implicating the app of providing China access to users’ information, consisting of that of Americans.

But Bowman promoted legislators to concentrate on a more comprehensive security bundle that would safeguard information and personal privacy on all social networks platforms. He implicated Republicans of “fear-mongering strategies to show themselves as strong legislators”– such as being difficult on China with TikTok. And he stated he was “dissatisfied that some Democratic legislators are reacting to them and giving in to this rhetoric.”

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” We require a nationwide information personal privacy piece of legislation,” Bowman stated. “And that’s we ought to be concentrated on, not scapegoating TikTok.”

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