Jets HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ 2023: Best Fan Tweets, Memes from Episode 4


EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - AUGUST 26: Aaron Rodgers #8 of the New York Jets warms up prior to the game against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium on August 26, 2023 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Preseason video games may not count in the standings.

But they definitely count for boasting rights when it’s the fight for New York.

The New York Jets’ preseason video game versus the New York Giants took spotlight in Tuesday’s episode of Hard Knocks, however that likewise implied some extra practice tension with the Big Apple face-off looming. Even future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers was feeling it.

There was a stretch when the offense had problem with incorrect starts, dropped passes and made errors on paths, and Rodgers was noticeably upset and cursing. That’s when he used his inner coach and began creating paths for Garrett Wilson, Randall Cobb and the other receivers.

Things naturally enhanced after the quarterback blew up, which audiences discovered:

Jake Asman @JakeAsman

Now Aaron Rodgers seems like every << a href="">> #Jets< fan the last 13 years

Peter Mallett @peter_mallett93

A pissed off Aaron Rodgers throughout this << a href="">> #HardKnocks< episode

Junior @DeucesJr

Aaron Rodgers this episode << a href="">> #hardknocks< < a href="">>

Dayne Jacobson @DayneJacobson

Aaron Rodgers requires to be an OC down the roadway!

Vinny Michael @Vinnymichael15

Angry Aaron Rodgers is a BADD MANN

Paulie Bruz @Paulie_Bruz

Angry Aaron Rodgers simply made me feel alive << a href="">> #Jets< < a href="">> #HardKnocks<

Rodgers might be the star of the offense, however he shared the starring function of Tuesday’s episode with Nathaniel Hackett.

The offending planner teased Rodgers about getting his hair cut by a Flowbee, informed his group he anticipates them to dance together when they score a goal and stated the Jets will be calling the red zone the gold zone with a recommendation to Goldmember from Austin Powers

Ryan O’Keefe @Rokeefe29

Hackett lives off vibes and positivity and it’s best.

NYJ Matt @NYJ_Matt

I will be composing in Nathaniel Hackett on my 2024 Presidential Ballot << br><> < br>> The leader we require and are worthy of << a href="">> #Jets< < a href="">> #HardKnocks<

jets west @jetstothewest

nathaniel hackett might be the most pleasant coach in the nfl

DraftKings @DraftKings

Nathaniel Hackett offering Aaron Rodgers a hairstyle prior to the very first video game << a href="">>

Jake Asman @JakeAsman

Nathaniel Hackett is such a goofball. Excellent group conference.

Marques Eversoll @MarquesEversoll

Nathaniel Hackett is more than simply an amusing football coach. He’s amusing.

While this year’s Hard Knocks isn’t focusing as much on gamer cuts like in the past, protective lineman Tanzel Smart– who has actually considering that been launched— and pass receiver Jerome Kapp– who has actually considering that been waived— were highlighted throughout Tuesday’s episode.

Smart welcomed the time he called a charcuterie board a “cars and truck coochie board” and made some for his fellow protective linemen, while Kapp made a shoutout from Eminem himself after he brought your house down in recently’s episode by carrying out among Slim Shady’s raps from the motion picture 8 Mile:

Marshall Mathers @Eminem

< a href=" ref_src= twsrc% 5Etfw">> @JeromeKapp85< < a href="">> #HardKnocks< < a href="">> @HBO< < a href="">> @NFL< < a href="">>

The Good, The Bad and The Jets Podcast @GoodBadJetsPod

Tanzel Smart brings the sociability to the D-Line space. Hope he sticks on the practice team. << a href="">> #Jets< < a href="">> #HardKnocks<

Regnu Mas @Unger2Unger

That Tanzel Smart section < a href="">> #HardKnocks<

Conor Sheeran @conor__sheeran

Tanzel Smart was worthy of a lineup area merely for his pronunciation of charcuterie board << a href="">> #Jets< < a href="">>

Madelyn @Madelynt212

I’m rooting for Tanzel Smart so hard. I hope he signs to PS, and discovers his method back to the Active Roster

Attention ultimately relied on the video game however not prior to a remarkable Sopranos tribute with head coach Robert Saleh driving to the arena and taking a look at the surroundings in his rearview mirror.

Natalie Sparbeck @NatSparbeck

Robert Saleh driving into Met Life by means of Tony Soprano-style is worthy of an Emmy Award. << a href="">> @HBO<, you win. << a href="">> #HardKnocks<

Ryan Stieg @RyanStieg

Using the Sopranos style for Robert Saleh’s drive to MetLife Stadium was a great touch << a href="">>

Conor Sheeran @conor__sheeran

That Robert Saleh/Sopranos crossover series << a href="">> #HardKnocks< < a href="">>

Cam Belden @BeldenCameron

Robert Saleh driving to MetLife to the Sopranos introduction is Peak television << a href="">> #hardknocks<

It was Rodgers’ very first video game experience with the Jets, and all that anger in practice settled with a goal pass to Wilson. New york city’s AFC group likewise got 2 goal passes from Tim Boyle to Alex Erickson in the 4th quarter to protect the 32-24 triumph.

” The Jets have huge strategies to own this town, perhaps even the entire league,” storyteller Liev Schreiber stated after the video game.

The next action in making those strategies a truth is the season opener versus the Buffalo Bills.

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