‘It’s Become His Killshot’- Novak Djokovic’s Remarkable Transformation of ‘Liability’ into Lethal Weapon Gets Roger Federer ‘s Former Coach Talking


In the world of tennis, there are legends, and after that there’s the Serbian tennis GOAT, Novak Djokovic With 23 distinguished Grand Slam titles to his name and an incredible capability to overwhelm the court, Djokovic stays a titan of the video game. What separates him from his buddies isn’t just his exceptional knowledge or ravenous yearning for accomplishment. It’s his amazing capability to change and progress. What’s more, at the core of this modification lies a shot that was when a weak point yet has actually now become his deadly weapon. Intriguingly, it was Paul Annacone, the previous coach for the Swiss G.O.A.T Roger Federer, who just recently concentrated on Djokovic’s stunning advancement.

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In his special interview, the tennis coach shone a spotlight on the Serb’s amazing development. His words resonate with the weight of experience. When he discusses the Serb’s video game, the whole tennis world listens. Annacone is seeing a modification that has actually taken Nole to amazing levels.

Roger Federer’s previous coach Paul Annacone appreciates Novak Djokovic’s forehand change


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Novak Djokovic’s exceptional journey to tennis achievement has actually been entirely remarkable. Throughout his tradition, the Serb has actually checked out the fierce scene of the video game. Nole’s backhand and protective abilities have actually constantly been superior. It’s his ‘ deadly‘ forehand that has actually gone through an advancement. Famous tennis coach, Paul Annacone, who has actually dealt with legends like Pete Sampras and Roger Federer, exposes insight into Djokovic’s forehand modification. Annacone acknowledges that earlier in Djokovic’s profession, his forehand provided vulnerability.

In his interview with the Wall Street Journal, Annacone shared, “ Earlier in his profession, his forehand was a liability– he missed it excessive,.” The veteran and previous coach of Roger Federer discussed even more, ” Now, it’s become his kill shot. Now it’s incredibly hazardous.” Djokovic was inclined to make oversights on this side, and competitors often designated it as a drawback. Nole kept on tuning his video game and pressing the limitations of his variety of capabilities. His progressing forehand went through a striking remodeling. Annacone likewise cautioned his competitors that they require to be additional cautious.

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His forehand has actually developed into a specifying function part of his video game– a presentation of his stable responsibility to success. As Djokovic competes at the U.S. Open his challengers would succeed to hearken Annacone’s words. In 2021, extremely related to tennis coach, Annacone provided full marks to Novak Djokovic. The tennis expert likewise identified him as the most dominant gamer in the last 10 years.

Annacone as soon as acknowledged Djokovic’s shocking years in tennis

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During a Tennis Podcast interview, Annacone explained that Djokovic may not delight in the very same level of appeal as his previous students Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Because 2011, the Serb has actually been a force to be reckoned with in males’s tennis. He described that the Serb is a tennis star who is inspired by the lessons history supplies.


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The knowledgeable coach highlighted that Djokovic has actually protected an excellent 18 Grand Slam titles given that2011 The Serb had actually gone beyond the combined overall of 15 Majors won by Federer and Nadal throughout the exact same duration. Annacone declared it is regrettable for Djokovic since he hasn’t got the gratitude he benefits.

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