iPhone 14 Pro Max helps Apple rake in billions in first-half 2023 smartphone sales as Samsung stutters and Xiaomi vanishes


A report released by Omdia has actually provided a picture of the present state of the mobile phone delivery world. The analysis professionals have actually released a chart revealing the distinctions in between 1H23 and 1H22(see image listed below), and it is clear to see that international deliveries of mobile phones are reducing. This is credited to such factors as the present worldwide financial environment, development in pre-owned phone sales, and the dropping interest in buying inexpensive and mid-range phones from Chinese business such as Xiaomi and OnePlus.

So, according to the table, the first-half-of-the-year delivery champ is the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max with 26.5 million systems sent worldwide. This is a huge uptick over 1H22 deliveries of the predecessor iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is noted with 23 million systems moved. The iPhone 14 Pro is the just other gadget with over 20 million systems delivered up until now in 2023, standing at a figure of 21 million. In all, the 5 Apple iPhones picked for the chart have actually accumulated a quantity of 86.4 million systems delivered, with the still popular iPhone 11 appearing at 10 th position.

In contrast, Samsung’s 5 entries collected simply 46.9 million systems delivered, and it deserves remembering that Apple will likewise be making a much greater profits here, as its iPhone 14 series is thought about a premium variety, whereas examples like the Samsung Galaxy A14 are clearly economical. Samsung offers the 5G version of that phone for US$19999, so 9.0 million delivered systems of that SKU totals up to practically US$ 1.8 billion in worth. Utilizing approximately US$ 1,324 for the 4 versions of the iPhone 14 Pro Max leaves Apple with an impressive quantity of over US$35 billion of products delivered for simply this design.

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