Destiny 2’s Formerly Useless Foetracer Is Now A Top PvE DPS Exotic




Of all the important things I anticipated to take place in Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch, Foetracer ending up being meta was not one of them. Oh, however not PvP meta, however PvE meta. Wait what?

This is since of an overall rework of the Hunter unique since this season.

Here’s the old performance, which was removed and flat-out handed to Knucklehead Radar: “Visually marks targets. Offers more damage to low-health significant targets. Offers a little advantage to the air-borne efficiency stat of all weapons.”

Very dull. Sometimes beneficial in PvP. Now? Here’s the grand redesign, through the TWAB a couple of weeks ago:

” We took some hints from the popular Monochromatic Maestro artifact perk for this one. When you deal damage with among your capabilities, you acquire a damage perk with weapons that have damage types matching your subclass damage type. Furthermore, when you beat an opponent you’ve harmed with among your capabilities (either with another capability or with a weapon with a damage type matching your subclass type), you will generate among the collectible items connected with your subclass, such as Ionic Traces or Firesprites.”

Testing exposes that the “damage bonus offer” is 25% for 10 seconds, a big quantity. There’s a great thread from Revenant(by means of Weeegiee) about how this works, this is how it works to end up being a leading DPS unique through this modification:

So in summary:

  • The 25% damage enthusiast can be triggered from a shackle toss or perhaps a grapple, since the grapple itself does a little bit of Strand damage on hit.
  • The 25% enthusiast goes to your Strand weapons, and the very best thing to utilize today is Cataphract, the brand-new Legendary Trials Strand Grenade launcher with top-end burst DPS
  • Then you utilize Thread of Ascent to quickly refill the grenade launcher and keep going.

Combine that with conventional damage/weaken enthusiasts like Tether and Well and others and you’ve obtained a 3x damage boost on the grenade launcher. Nuts.

This goes to reveal that when Bungie revamps old exotics they can end up being simply as helpful as brand-new exotics. They’ve truly been going tough recently on rubbing previous exotics if not remodeling them completely, and they have actually developed some exceptionally beneficial alternatives. Is this so excellent it’s going to get nerfed? Eh, I arrange of doubt it, as absolutely nothing here looks like a bugged damage interaction, simply a great combination of the rework, a brand-new weapon and standard DPS enthusiasts. Extremely cool, I’m going to offer it a shot.

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