Demetrious Johnson says it’s easier to become a champion in MMA than in boxing: “Look at Brock Lesnar”


Johnson’s MMA theory

” That’s the important things about boxing,” Johnson stated. “Mixed Martial Arts is the simplest sport to end up being champ in. When you combat boxing, it’s boxing. Every individual you combat in boxing is going to be great in boxing … when you battle combined martial arts, you’re gon na have individuals who have substantial huge holes in them? You have a person like Alex Pereira…6-1 and he ends up being a champ in combined martial arts. You can have no fumbling experience and end up being a world champ. You take a look at Brock Lesnar, he ended up being a world champ and he had no stand-up experience whatsoever.

” That’s why I feel MMA is the simplest to end up being a world champ … you can have shortages and still end up being a champ. In boxing, you can’t, you need to be a great fighter to end up being a world champ, you simply need to.”

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Do you concur with this claim from Demetrious Johnson? Will he retire from MMA or continue combating? Let us understand, BJPENN Nation!

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