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Pizza is the supreme home cooking, liked practically widely in spite of being an easy mixture of dough, tomato sauce and cheese (your preferred garnishes optional). You can definitely make an average pizza in your home in your cooking area oven, however for a really transcendent, authentically Italian pizza, you require a devoted pizza oven, like my winner for the very best pizza oven in general, the Ooni Koda 16— among the very best pizza ovens you can purchase for its ease of usage, compact footprint, almost 1,00 0-degree max temperature level and basic gas (or gas) fuel source. In addition to the Koda, I likewise selected the very best worth pizza oven, the economical yet efficient Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven, and even a premium option: the spectacular Gozney Dome (You can read our extensive evaluations of the Ooni Koda 16 and Solo Stove Pi Piza oven for more information, too.)

Over a 2-month duration, I baked and consumed almost 50 pies to discover the very best pizza ovens for a lot of yard … [+] pizzaiolo.

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The following is a list of all the winners from my screening procedure:

While not everybody requires or desires a pizza oven in their yard, for real pizza fanatics– folks who non-stop look for the very best pizzeria in the area and make a trip to Joe’s on Carmine Street each time they check out New York City– owning a devoted pizza oven can be a life-altering experience. That’s why I evaluated a broad variety of the most popular pizza ovens offered today– 8 in all– and discovered the very best choices for you. Over a 2-month duration, I baked and (with the aid of next-door neighbors) consumed almost 50 pies to separate the very best pizza ovens from the truly excellent ovens from the ones you ought to most likely avoid. Consuming all that scrumptious pizza was a difficulty, however it deserved it to assist you pick the best pizza oven for your requirements.

Fuel: Propane or gas |Temperature level: Up to 950 degrees |Mouth width: 205 inches |Weight: 39 pounds | Dimensions: 23.2 x 25 x 14.7 inches|Service warranty: 5 years | Features: Folding legs, L-shaped flame trench

Best for:

  • Simple and quick propane-powered fires
  • Light and portable pizza-making
  • Even baking with very little turning

Skip if:

  • You should have wood-fired pizza

The Ooni Koda 16 sits right in the sweet area amongst pizza ovens: It’s extremely simple to utilize and is fairly budget-friendly when compared to other pizza ovens. It comes totally put together, so you just require to take it out of package and connect it to a gas tank (or gas line). And the Koda 16 is more than large sufficient for practically any pizza you may require to make in the house, with a 20.5- inch mouth that can quickly accommodate 16- inch pies. It likewise swallowed my 14- inch cast-iron frying pan with ease, which permitted me to attempt my hand at making steak and veggies on among the unusual nights I wasn’t consuming pizza. Do not require this much baking property? A more budget friendly Koda 12 is likewise offered (which, as the name recommends, is a couple of inches smaller sized).

The igniter dependably began the fire whenever I evaluated it, and it reached a Neapolitan-friendly temperature level of about 750 degrees in less than 20 minutes– ideal about average for a lot of pizza ovens. I likewise enjoyed the reality that the stone is detachable, making clean-up a breeze after each pizza celebration. Due to the fact that it comes out quickly, you can likewise keep the stone inside your house even if you relegate the Koda to a rack in the garage.

The Koda has a special style function. While the majority of ovens have a single flame port or wall of fire, the Koda has an L-shaped burner that disperses heat throughout both the back and side. In theory, this suggests you can spin the pizza less times to bake it uniformly, and in truth I discovered that more of the flooring hovered around a constant 750 degrees. On the other hand, many ovens tend to have one location near the flame and after that cooler zones in every other instructions. Ooni states it enables “one-turn cooking,” and while the Koda never ever made a bad pizza, it took a couple of test pies to teach me that I still discovered it required to spin the pizza every 20 to 30 seconds to prevent burning it. Bottom line: The Koda tended to make excellent pies in about 2 minutes– the crust was crispy with a chewy center, and the edges charred wonderfully, with great bubbly cheese.

The Ooni Koda 16 has an L-shaped burner that disperses heat throughout both the back and side, which … [+] implies you can spin the pizza less times to bake it equally.

Dave Johnson

There are certainly more elegant pizza ovens out there (have a look at the Gozney Dome or perhaps the Gozney Roccbox). The Koda isn’t unappealing, however it’s ended up in an easy black shell of carbon steel that– beware– gets really hot. Do not let kids play close by. It’s likewise missing out on a thermometer, however I extremely advise getting an infrared thermometer(Ooni deals one for $40) no matter whether your pizza oven has a temperature level screen or not. The thermometer informs you the ambient temperature level in the oven, not the temperature level on the pizza stone (which can differ by as much as 100 degrees depending on whether you’re determining near the flame or the mouth), making the infrared weapon important in my book anyhow.

Ooni provides some other helpful devices, consisting of a weatherproof cover for $50(you’ll desire that if you prepare to leave it outdoors all the time) and a folding table ($250).


Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven

Fuel: Wood (gas optional) |Temperature level: Up to 850 degrees for wood and approximately 900 degrees for gas |Mouth width: 13 inches |Weight: 30.5 pounds| Dimensions: 20.5 x 15.1 inches|Service warranty: Lifetime | Features: Easy-to-clean hopper and ash bin

Best for:

  • Easily and easily beginning the wood fire (plus an optional gas adapter)
  • Getting up to temperature level in as low as 15 minutes
  • Easy ash clean-up

Skip if:

  • You desire a spacious flooring to bake big pies or other meals

I wasn’t sure what to make from the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven in the beginning– a stand-alone pizza oven from a business that focuses on smokeless firepits. I had actually currently attempted the likewise (and confusingly) called Pi Fire pizza oven, which is an accessory for the Bonfire, Yukon and Ranger pits (see listed below for more details). I didn’t anticipate a lot from the Pi Pizza Oven, however I was incorrect. Extremely incorrect.

Available as a wood-only oven or with an optional propane-fueled burner, the Pi is a compact little pizza oven formed like a squat stainless-steel cylinder. It comes totally put together (simply place the pizza stone and established the hopper or burner), and it sits conveniently on a table or by itself optional, custom-made wheeled stand with side wing racks cost $250 It will not make big pizzas– the mouth is simply 13 inches broad– however the flooring is a generous 19 inches in size, offering you a great deal of space to make your pie and other meals, like beef, fish or chicken dishes in a cast-iron pan.

The Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven makes simply as excellent pies as what you’ll receive from much more expensive ovens.

Dave Johnson

Starting the fire is a breeze. For each bake, I utilized a set of beginners (which Solo Stove offers, otherwise you can utilize any third-party starter if you choose) and a mix of big and little kindling. Each time, the fire appeared and blazed rapidly. The hopper itself is accessed from a door in the back, and the fire (in addition to its associated ash and coal) remains clear of the pizza stone. I discovered that I needed to tend the fire every 10 minutes or two to keep it hearty and healthy, which is a reasonable little babysitting while I was all at once attempting to prepare my pizzas, however truthfully it was likewise sort of enjoyable to support the flames. And at the end of the meal, clean-up is a breeze– simply pop the ash tray out and discard it. Obviously, if you burn wood, the front of the oven tends to gather a great deal of soot– seriously, it develops rapidly, particularly above the mouth– however it cleans away really quickly thanks to the stainless-steel surface area.

Because the Pi rises to 900 degrees, I discovered it made excellent pizzas with delightful crisp and chewy crusts. The pizzas that come out of the Pi are simply as great as what you’ll obtain from much more expensive ovens, and there are couple of compromises here: The oven heats up rapidly, it accommodates 13- inch pizzas and you can even turn it into a propane-powered oven with a low-cost upgrade. There’s no integrated temperature level gauge, however as I’ve currently discussed, you’ll improve outcomes with an infrared thermometer anyhow.



Gozney Premium Outdoor Oven

Fuel: Wood, gas or gas |Temperature level: Up to 950 degrees |Mouth width: 161 inches |Weight: 128 pounds | Dimensions: 26 x 24.8 x 28.8.7 inches|Guarantee: 5 years | Features: Digital thermometer and cooking probes, incorporated wood storage, removable flue and cap

Best for:

  • Elevating your yard with an elegant, superior appearance and high-end functions
  • Digital thermometer with double temperature level probes for keeping track of non-pizza meals
  • Spacious flooring for huge pizzas and big non-pizza meals like chicken, fish and beef dishes

Skip if:

  • You can’t commit area for the rather substantial oven and stand
  • Don’t wish to invest near $2,00 0 on a pizza oven

For the majority of us, the Gozney Dome is the closest we’re most likely to get to constructing a devoted brick pizza oven in our yard. Honestly, it looks spectacular. The squat, dome-shaped oven (for this reason the name) is offered in 2 colors, Bone and Olive, and is accentuated in black. It has a little chimney and a large mouth, with an appealing storage bay for kindling right in front. There’s a beautiful digital thermometer integrated in together with ports for 2 wired temperature level probes (useful for cooking protein meals like beef or chicken).

You can set this monster on a normal outside table, however that would be a travesty. If you’re going to invest $2,00 0 on the Dome, you owe it to yourself to set it on the $299 dome stand, a big wheeled device with several main racks and a set of wing racks on the sides. And another excellent factor to put the Dome on its main stand is that it weighs a crazy 128 pounds. Even taking it out of its product packaging is a two-person task, and you are not going to wish to move it around unless it’s on wheels. Mentioning unpacking it, the product packaging is classy, and the preliminary setup is simple. There’s extremely little assembly needed, and the oven includes momentary single-use straps to raise it out of package and set it on its desired resting area.

The Gozney Dome is a sensational pizza oven that makes tasty pies in 2 minutes or two, once it’s … [+] totally established.

Dave Johnson

It’s readily available as one of 2 dual-fuel choices: lp and wood, or gas and wood. Changing in between gas and wood is as basic as reorganizing some plugs on the within the range.

The Dome has a huge stone and a great deal of internal volume, so it takes longer to warm up than the Ooni or Solo Stove designs in this story; in truth, it took almost 50 minutes to reach 750 degrees. When at temperature level, the outcomes were fantastic. There’s a great deal of space inside to steer pies and cast-iron frying pans, and it made some terrific Neapolitan pizzas in 2 minutes approximately. Simply beware to keep turning those pizzas– I left one too near the flame for too long, and unsurprisingly, it burned the crust. That’s part of the enjoyable of making pizzas at house.

Gozney makes some classy-looking devices for the Dome, consisting of a rugged weatherproof cover($99), which you will definitely desire if you keep your oven outdoors– I’ve been utilizing it to keep the Dome out of the Michigan winter season snow for weeks, and it has actually secured the oven magnificently. There’s likewise a classy rope-sealed door($125) to obstruct the mouth for baking non-pizza food, a steam injector($35) for bread baking and more. This growing household of devices is one of the things that makes investing in a Dome so engaging.

Other Products Tested

By and big, the majority of the rivals in this competitors did an exceptional task, making limiting the winners for this list rather difficult. I evaluated 8 items in all, however 5 didn’t make the last cut. However, there might be something here that actually speaks with you. Here’s a rundown of the ones that didn’t rather snag an award:

Ooni Karu 16: I offered the very best total award to the Karu 16’s little bro, the Koda 16, due to the fact that it’s practically as flexible however a lot cheaper. That stated, the Karu comes nearly totally put together and consists of a thermometer to keep track of the ambient temperature inside the oven. Out of the box it’s a wood-fired oven, however you can include a $120 gas device to have it run off lp, making it a convenient multi-fuel oven. The Karu is heavy– practically 63 pounds– and the high chimney makes it a bit awkward to manage. In between the chimney baffle and air vent, there was a knowing curve to managing the temperature level, and while the glass door is a good addition, specifically for baking other meals, it’s trivial for pizza-making. There’s extremely, extremely little incorrect with the Karu, however in general, it’s more oven than the majority of people require in the house. Anytime I checked the Karu and Koda side by side, I chose the Koda; it was merely simpler to utilize.

Gozney Roccbox: The Roccbox came within a hair’s breadth of taking the very best total award far from the Koda 16, so let’s call it a runner-up. It’s a pizza oven that anybody would be happy to own. It looks truly sharp in its two-tone surface, has an integrated thermometer and comes set up for lp by default, however you can update to double fuel (gas and wood) for $100 more. The mouth determines simply 12 inches, with a flooring that’s a little 12.4 x 13.4 inches, so I do want the baking surface area were a little larger; you will not be making any 14- inch pizzas in this oven, which’s the primary reason that it isn’t a winner. Whatever about this oven screams luxurious, consisting of the user guide that’s loaded with color illustrations and the classy aluminum pizza peel that’s consisted of in the box. And aside from screwing in the one-piece gas assembly, it comes completely put together.

Cuisinart 3-In-1 Pizza Oven Plus: Cuisinart is a reputable name in little cooking area devices, so you may be inclined to attempt the Cuisinart 3-in-1, which loads a pizza oven, cast-iron frying pan plate and cast-iron grill grate into a single device. It’s sustained by gas just and weighs a fairly modest 45 pounds– simply hardly light sufficient to be thought about portable. There was a relatively considerable quantity of assembly however, with great deals of screw-mounted parts that required to be connected prior to the very first bake. In practice, it is developed to run at around 500 degrees, which isn’t actually hot adequate to make a timeless Neapolitan pizza. I might in fact get it to about 550 degrees, however even that resulted in an underwhelming experience when coupled with the modest 13- inch size stone. If you wish to take it on an outdoor camping journey or to make pizza at a tailgate celebration, this 3-in-1 may be flexible enough for you (however bear in mind that you require to let it cool all the method down in the past changing modes, so you will not be making pizza and steaks back-to-back). If you simply desire it for your yard, I encourage you to avoid it– you can get basically the very same experience utilizing a pizza stone in your kitchen area oven.

Alfa Moderno Portable: Serious pizza fans might understand the Alfa name: This Italian brand name produces its ovens near Rome, and they all bear the apparent aura of old-world Italian workmanship. The Moderno Portable is reasonably budget friendly, priced at $1,300 It’s not substantial– about the very same size, provide or take, as the Gozney Roccbox– however Alfa was being hilariously positive when it considered this 77- pound beast to be portable. It includes a bring case that needs 2 individuals to raise, and nevertheless, the gas connection– not suggested to be taken apart– protrudes and hinders completely zippering the case, which is a severe hassle. There’s a lot of preliminary assembly needed, consisting of using thread seal tape to the gas line elements, something I wasn’t incredibly positive about doing on my own. The baking flooring is made from durable silico-alumina refractory bricks, and the walls have possibly the most significant insulation of any of the other ovens in this roundup. The 14- inch mouth is restricted by a low arch that limits the height of pans and frying pans you can fit through the opening, and in general the oven is more problem than it’s worth– specifically compared to the lots of less-expensive options.

Solo Stove Pi Fire: The Solo Stove Pi Fire is more enjoyable than it has any best to be, and I want I might offer it its own award. The classification of “pizza oven that goes atop a firepit” is a really narrow classification. Developed by Solo Stove for its Bonfire, Yukon and Ranger yard firepits, this UFO-shaped gizmo sits atop the pit while still offering you adequate space to tend the fire beneath. Undoubtedly, this design is wood-fired just, and it is strictly a device for your Solo Stove pit, so it will not bake any pizzas by itself. Simply set it on the Solo Stove and light the fire; it takes about 45 minutes to get up to temperature level (about two times as long as a lot of other ovens). It peaks around 500 to 600 degrees, so it’ll prepare your pizza more gradually (intend on an 8-minute bake) and offer your crust a distinctly various texture than what you obtain from a 2-minute Neapolitan. All that stated, repurposing your Solo Stove firepit into a pizza oven is very enjoyable and is most likely the ideal choice for anybody who currently happily burns their Solo Stove firepit each weekend anyhow. Benefit: It includes a weatherproof storage and bring case along with a set of heat-resistant gloves.

How I Tested The Best Pizza Ovens

When picking the items for this roundup, I wished to evaluate the pizza ovens most customers are purchasing, so I searched for the most popular and talked-about pizza ovens from popular brand names. If you’ve ever looked for “pizza ovens” on Google, you understand that Ooni is by far among the most significant sellers of house ovens, however Gozney isn’t far behind. I likewise selected to consist of some other popular brand names, like Alfa (a noteworthy high-end import that has the prestige of originating from pizza’s birth place), Cuisinart and Solo Stove (makers of popular portable and yard firepits). To keep the entire task workable, I decided on 8 ovens with a choice of both wood-fired and lp designs.

I chose 8 ovens with a choice of both wood-fired and lp designs and made about a … [+] half-dozen pizzas in each throughout a number of days.

Dave Johsnson

I remembered of how simple it was to get up and running the very first time. Some ovens, for instance, were extremely heavy or needed a considerable quantity of assembly. It was the pizza-making experience that was most essential; what was the ignition and fuel story? For how long did it take the oven to get up to temperature level? Did the oven have cold and locations, and existed a method to determine the temperature? I likewise kept a close eye on the size of the pizza flooring, the oven’s internal setup and whether the mouth of the oven was easily sized.

To check each oven, I made about a half-dozen pizzas in each, frequently throughout numerous days, and saw what the clean-up procedure resembled. All the pizzas I introduced into the ovens were Neapolitan– to get the signature crust, you require to flash-bake it in about 2 minutes in extreme 800- degree-or-so heat. That’s the sort of pie a lot of pizza enthusiasts wish to make in your home, and it’s likewise the very best method to check a pizza oven’s guts. In addition to making my own dough for a few of the pizzas (a basic Neapolitan dough dish with 00 flour), I likewise purchased premade dough balls from a regional Italian grocery.

Since I can just consume a lot pizza by myself, my next-door neighbors got to take part the spoils of testing.I likewise got to see how each oven dealt with the cold and snowy Michigan winter season, which remained in complete blast throughout screening. (To be clear, there are some indoor pizza ovens offered, however since they tend to be smaller sized and perform at lower optimum temperature levels, they’re not as reliable as outside ovens. As an outcome, I focused specifically on outside ovens for this evaluation.)

How To Pick A Pizza Oven

Even the very best pizza oven on the marketplace may not match your specific requirements. To assist you select the best pizza oven for you, here are a few of the most crucial elements to think about when searching for the yard pizzeria of your dreams.

Fuel Source

Pizza ovens can count on a range of fuel sources, and this is possibly the single most significant differentiator amongst designs. The majority of burn either wood or lp, though you can likewise discover pizza ovens that chew on charcoal or a devoted natural-gas line from your house.

Wood is the most standard method to make pizza, however it needs a little bit more effort and attention. You’ll need to begin and tend the fire, and wood tends to burn quick and hot, which implies you’ll likewise require to find out how to manage the temperature level so it does not burn too hot. Many wood-fired ovens house the fire to the side or behind the baking flooring, though the periodic oven positions the fire below. No matter how your fire is placed, you’ll require fireproof gloves and tools to position tinder in the fire throughout the burn. And when it’s over, you’ll require to clear the ash tray– something you will not need to fret about with gas.

Indeed, gas ovens are much easier: Attach the gas tank to your grill, press the igniter and dial in the flames. Both sort of ovens can be portable; can reach 1,00 0 degrees for quickly, traditional Neapolitan pies; and produce basically the very same completed pizza. And you’re not losing on taste– pizzas do not actually acquire any sort of taste from wood throughout a 2-minute bake. As Coudreaut states, “The pizza bakes because oven so quick, and since of the aerodynamics of the oven, smoke goes right up the flue and never ever really touches the pizza. Wood is actually simply fuel.”

Likewise, Coniglio thinks that it’s excellent to have both alternatives, however states, “I typically simply choose gas due to the fact that I believe it’s simpler to manage. I understand a lot of individuals who prepare on the beach with those ovens or they go outdoor camping, so they normally do wood chips.”

Maximum Temperature

With unusual exception, the majority of outside pizza ovens are created to reach temperature levels well north of 700 degrees, and frequently near 1,00 0 degrees, though in my experience you’ll most likely wind up around 750 to 800 degrees in daily operation (particularly in chillier weather condition). Which’s great, since that’s the sweet area for making a Neapolitan pizza. Wish to make your own variation of a New York pizza or a deep-dish Chicago pie? You will not even require that much. States Coniglio, “If you’re attempting to do New York design, you actually just require 550 to 600 degrees. And I’ve likewise made Detroit-style pizza that does not need to be as hot, due to the fact that it simply cooks longer in the pan.” The kind of pizza you desire to make can notify the max temperature level you require.


Pizza is terrific, however there may be times when you desire to bake other meals in your pizza oven– breads, veggies, chicken, fish and beef. Krikorian informed me a few of his preferred pizza-oven meals: “I’ve done breadsticks. I’ve done meatballs. As a matter of truth, we do among our preferred things– bacon-wrapped dates with goat cheese and a bit of tomato sauce– and in fact complete it in the pizza oven.”

And numerous pizza ovens are flexible sufficient to let you do that, with one crucial caution: Make sure the baking flooring and the mouth itself are huge enough to accommodate whatever pots and pans you prepare to move in. You may likewise wish to buy a pizza oven that has a closable door. You will not require the door for pizza, however it can be found in useful for other meals. Some ovens provide doors as alternatives, like the rope-sealed door you can get for the Gozney Dome.

Setup And Portability

Initial setup takes place just as soon as, certainly, so it’s most likely not that huge of an offer. If you do not like to screw things together, it’s a factor to consider– some pizza ovens, like the Alfa Moderno Portable and Cuisinart 3-in-1, need as much assembly as an IKEA couch. And after it’s put together, think about where it will live and whether you require to move it around. An extremely heavy oven is finest left completely in one location, specifically if the stone or bricks can’t be eliminated to make it lighter.

And if that holds true, you’ll most likely wish to install it on a devoted stand or table– so think about whether the brand name uses something created specifically for it, like the Gozney Dome’s husky stand You must likewise have the ability to safeguard it with a custom-made cover, made specifically for that oven. Some ovens are likewise portable, however ensure you can quickly move it around without getting a hernia or harming it.


Consider clean-up. Wood-burning ovens have ash bins or trays that require to be cleared after each burn, and the beyond the oven can get covered in soot, which you’ll require to keep tidy. When it comes to the baking flooring, some ovens let you eliminate the stone, that makes clean-up much easier. If the stone (or brick) is a long-term part of the oven, it can be more difficult to scrape away burned-on pizza (a typical incident when you’re very first starting) and brush out flour and particles.

My Expertise

Not just have I been an innovation reporter given that the 1990 s, acquiring hundreds (if not thousands) of released function posts and hands-on item evaluations at publications like CNET, PCWorld, TechHive and Insider, however I am an unapologetic pizza snob who has actually been refining my at-home pizza video game for practically twenty years. I began with a modest pizza stone in my kitchen area oven in the past later on stepping up to a devoted counter top pizza oven. At the very same time, I began making my own dough, sauce, mozzarella and ricotta weekly.

By this point, I have a lots of hands-on experience with pizza ovens and making my own Neapolitan pizzas. For extra assistance, I reached out to a couple of unabashed specialists for their suggestions. I talked to Chef Dan Coudreaut, the previous vice president of cooking development at McDonald’s, who presently owns Lantern Pizza Co. in Illinois. I likewise talked with Shealyn Brand Coniglio, co-owner of New Jersey’s Coniglio’s (and an entrant on Hulu’s Best in Dough), in addition to Serge Krikorian, who began as the co-owner of Sergio’s Pizza in 1994, which ultimately progressed into Arkansas’s Vibrant Occasions Catering. Lively Occasions likewise runs Our Mobile Kitchen, where Chef Serge continues to introduce pizzas. I sought advice from each of these specialist pizzaiolos to find out the tricks they wanted to share about how to make fantastic pizzas in your home, along with how to pick and get the most out of your pizza oven.

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