Best bone conduction headphones in 2023


Bone conduction headphones


Initially established for individuals with hearing loss, bone conduction earphones are ending up being the current trend amongst runners, swimmers and other professional athletes who either can’t use conventional earphones or require to keep their ears open and alert to their environments for security. Plus, the open-ear style does not trap heat or plug up ear canals.

Bone conduction earphones do not go inside your ear canal like an earbud, and they do not sit on top of your ear like an over-ear earphone. Rather, they leave your ears entirely unencumbered and rest on your skull rather.

Even if you can securely use basic earphones, perhaps you dislike the sweaty ears you receive from over-ear styles or can’t appear to discover a comfy method to place earbuds inside your ear canal. If you believed you were stuck picking in between the lower of 2 pains, keep scrolling to have a look at our preferred bone conduction earphones on Amazon.

The finest bone conduction earphones

If you wish to enjoy your tunes however still know approaching traffic or you require something that you can still hear even when you’re swimming laps undersea, you require bone conduction earphones. Now, you can attempt out these special sweatproof earphones for yourself with significant discount rates on the leading brand names in the bonephone video game.

Best battery life: Shokz OpenRun Pro



Called “magic” by several customers, the Shokz OpenRun Pros are a few of the most popular bone conduction earphones on the marketplace. “You can hear ambient noises and things like the skateboard showing up behind you however can likewise hear your audio as if it was a high quality speaker that’s following you around,” stated one Amazon customer.

They’re terrific for running in heat, too, since they keep your ears open and they remain in location even while you’re running. These very popular earphones have actually made over 9,300 5-star rankings on Amazon.

Experience the magic on your own while they’re on sale for simply $140(decreased from $180).

What we like about the Shokz OpenRun Pro:

  • The comfy, safe and secure fit remains in location even on the relocation.
  • IP55 water resistance suggests you can get sweaty or run in the rain without an issue.
  • Two bass enhancers offer you much better bass quality compared to the majority of bone conduction earphones.
  • The battery lasts as much as 10 hours on a single charge.

$140 at Amazon

Best bone conduction earphone option: Oladance OWS1 Open Ear Earbuds



If you desire the convenience and security of open ear earphones however you’re unsure you’re all set to hear noise with your skull, have a look at the Oladance OWS1 earbuds. These work like routine earbuds– that is, by vibrating air rather of your skull. They do not go inside your ear canal. Rather, it’s a bit like having a top quality 16.5 mm speaker installed right outdoors your ear. In fact, it’s precisely like that.

These 4.4-star ranked open ear earbuds are on sale for $130 at Amazon now (lowered from $150).

What we like about the Oladance OWS1 Open Ear Earbuds:

  • Super-sized 16.5 mm chauffeurs in each earbud use a few of the very best audio quality earbuds need to use.
  • The battery lasts as much as 16 hours on a single charge.
  • The wrap-around style guarantees that these install firmly around your ears without covering them.

$130 at Amazon

Best for swimming: Hamuti Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones



These 4.3-star ranked were constructed particularly for swimmers. Not just are they IP68 water resistant, however they likewise include a 32 GB integrated memory storage. That indicates you can download all your preferred tunes, podcasts, or whole audiobooks straight to the earphones so you can still listen even when you’re undersea where a Bluetooth signal can’t reach.

Even if you’re exercising on dryland, that integrated memory is a cool function that might conserve you from needing to carry your phone together with you on your run. Simply download your music, slap on your physical fitness tracker to track the exercise, and go out. The swim-proof earphones boast a 4.3-star ranking on Amazon and are on sale for $55(minimized from $80).

What we like about the Hamuti Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones:

  • 32 GB of integrated memory lets you listen to your preferred tunes or podcasts without being linked to your phone.
  • IP68 water resistant ranking suggests you can swim laps undersea without harming these earphones.
  • The battery lasts about 8 hours on a single charge.

$55 at Amazon

Best budget plan choice: Panadia Bone Conduction Headphones



If you wish to experience the possibilities of bone conduction earphones however you’re not all set for the triple-digit cost that a lot of brand names include, take a look at this choice from Panadia. The 4.2-star ranked earphones are $36 throughout Amazon’s Labor Day sale (minimized from $55).

Even though they cost less, they still cram in a lot of the premium includes you desire in a set of bonephones. That consists of a versatile yet safe and secure silicone fit, Bluetooth connection and an IPX7 water resistant score. (That’s sufficient to be sweat and rainproof, however not these earphones are not proper for longer stretches of undersea swimming.)

What we like about the Panadia Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones:

  • The integrated mic immediately shuts out ambient sound for crystal-clear calls.
  • Use multipoint Bluetooth pairing to change perfectly in between Zoom conferences on your computer system and your preferred playlist on your phone.
  • The battery lasts as much as 6 hours on a single charge.
  • Its light-weight yet safe healthy remain in location even while running.

$36 at Amazon

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What are bone conduction earphones?

Here’s an enjoyable truth that you will not have the ability to stop thinking of: Your bones can hear. Well, they can transfer sound vibrations to your inner ear and your brain can properly decipher the vibrations of the inner ear as noise.

Bone conduction earphones– in some cases called “ bonephones“– are genius pieces of tech that make the most of this under-used superpower of yours. Rather of sending out sound vibrations through the air to your eardrum like your routine set of earphones, bone conduction earphones work by vibrating your skull which, in turn, vibrates your inner ear.

If you’ve never ever attempted them in the past, it’s a bit like finding a secret intuition you never ever understood you had. And it’s quite astonishing simply how plainly you can hear your music although the noise is entirely bypassing your ear canal.

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