Bergere admits he deserved a penalty in Toulouse as Brownlee gets back-to-back podiums


Jonny Brownlee continued his end-of-season renaissance with a 2nd successive podium in the Super League Triathlon Championship Series, as the Yorkshireman ended up second behind house favourite Leo Bergere in Toulouse.

Amid a reasonable quantity of debate surrounding a charge offered to Hayden Wilde for missing out on the install line that the Frenchman likewise crossed, Bergere won by a significant margin, however confessed after the race he must have been punished for his violation.

In 3rd location, South African Henri Schoeman protected a welcome podium, as the Olympic bronze medalist continues his return season in design after lots of counted him out following an unstable previous couple of years.

” I should have a charge too”

Reacting to his race, Bergere thanked the French crowd for their assistance and declared the electrical environment, however later on in the remarks area of a social networks post, provided his ideas on the Wilde charge fiasco.

” I believe I made the best options throughout the 3 phases today and I can’t thank adequate Tim Don, the group captain and my colleagues in the Eagles. I will decrease off my bike, as I understood it was the last lap, however I heard Hayden [Wilde] Yelling at me that we still had one lap to go so I came down a bit too late, however I was actually puzzled and I believe he was.

” I pity him due to the fact that we didn’t have the fight we desired in the last phase, however it’s part of racing and I’m sure he will be back in the last 2 phases. I was worthy of a charge also, I made the very same error as Hayden. Not a reasonable choice from the referee and I’m the very first to be dissatisfied to not have this last fight with Hayden for the win.”

” Much of it had to do with remaining on the bike”

Second location Brownlee likewise mentioned some problems on the bike, however in his case it was the technical element of the course that triggered him some difficulties, with a number of near misses on the tight corners highlighting the value of remaining rubber side down on the streets of Toulouse.

” Another difficult one, a great very first race and after that I lost my front wheel on among the corners of the 2nd leg which scared me a bit, however Leo [Bergere] was simply too strong on the bike today and he should have the win.

” It’s a really technical course, I believe practically in the last couple of rounds each time I walked around a corner there was somebody in a barrier or on the flooring someplace, a lot of it has to do with remaining on your bike, remaining calm and getting round which was quite hard to do today.”

” You’ve got to be so quick”

For Schoeman, nailing shift paid dividends in his quote for the last area on the podium, as the South African shared that the quick and furious nature of the rounds amplifies any errors you make around that very important 4th discipline of racing.

” It’s extremely quick and furious and actually is tough, however I truly delight in these races and it is so great to be back on a Super League podium.

” You’ve got to be so quick and I believe that’s where I capitalised in this race, I made certain I fasted in shift which’s what made the most significant distinction to my race.”

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