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It’s been more than a year given that the football world began fretting about Lamar Jackson‘s future in Baltimore, and there still isn’t any indication he and the Baltimore Ravens will strike a contract quickly.

In the majority of cases, this would suggest Jackson is headed for complimentary company with the start of the league year in March. The Ravens aren’t letting him go anywhere. He’s still their franchise quarterback.

” One hundred percent, 200 percent. There’s no concern about it,” Ravens head coach John Harbaugh stated Thursday. “Lamar Jackson is our quarterback. He’s been our quarterback. Whatever that we’ve performed in regards to developing our offense and constructing our group, how we believe in regards to putting individuals around him is based upon this unbelievable boy, his skill, his capability and his competitiveness.

” I like Lamar, (basic supervisor) Eric (DeCosta) likes Lamar, and it’s not gon na alter in the future. I do not understand anything about the information or the entire thing, however I understand something: I’m like all the fans out there and everyone else. I’ll have my fingers crossed, my toes crossed and I’ll be stating prayers. I have faith it’s gon na get done, and we’ve got the very best individuals worldwide doing it. … Eric desires him here, I desire him here, Steve desires him here, and Lamar wishes to be here. it’s gon na exercise.”

DeCosta has actually been deadlocked in a marathon of a public dance with Jackson, informing press reporters consistently because February they’re going to run at Jackson’s rate and determination to run at Jackson’s rate and desire to work out. Far, it hasn’t produced much.

Thursday offered DeCosta another chance to recite the very same expressions he’s been utilizing for almost a year.

” Well, it definitely takes 2 to tango, however I believe Lamar and I have a fantastic relationship,” DeCosta stated. “I believe we interact on a regular basis; we invested a long time together today as a matter of reality. We’ve spoken throughout the season numerous times. These settlements all take place in a different way. … I would not identify the portions of getting any offer done or for how long it’s gon na take, other than to state that we’ll interact successfully, we’ll be as reasonable as we can be and we’ll attempt to hammer out an offer. Ideally we can get to that point.”

Jackson has a couple of legitimate gripes with the group, consisting of one the Ravens attended to Thursday by parting methods with offending organizer Greg Roman. Jackson voiced annoyance with the group’s foreseeable nature in 2021, and a brand-new OC ought to repair things, specifically if stated hire does not pigeonhole Jackson as a quarterback whose main possession is his running capability.

That running capability has actually likewise made Jackson a little a credibility for being injury susceptible, even if it’s not rather precise. Jackson’s greater rate of runs would in theory leave him prone to more hits, sure, however he suffered an ankle injury that ended his 2021 season while trying to prevent pressure prior to passing, not running. His knee injury in 2022 came while he was moving through the pocket with the objective of launching another pass.

Both cut his season short, requiring the Ravens to count on Tyler Huntley and in 2022, novice Anthony Brown Baltimore isn’t letting these regrettable events affect its settlements, a minimum of not openly.

” I do not expect this being any type of a pattern,” Harbaugh stated. “Lamar, I do not think is a person that is going to have those concerns moving forward. You can’t believe that. And truly, it’s simply football. Both those plays the last 2 years were type of freaky plays that occur. They can occur.

” Lamar is an extremely resilient gamer. I understand that individuals may differ with that. I get it. I do not think there’s going to be an issue moving forward due to the fact that I understand how difficult he’s gon na work. Lamar Jackson strives. Whether it’s in the weight space, on the field, running, in the class, Lamar is all football. He works truly tough at it. Which’s truly what you do. You strive, you obtain in excellent shape, you go play the video game the method you play it. Which’s what he’ll do next year.”

A vibrant, extremely explosive quarterback is precisely what each NFL group would like on its lineup. Baltimore has actually had one for the last 5 years, and even if Jackson hasn’t made a journey to the Super Bowl, he’s definitely won lots of regular-season video games for the Ravens.

He’s not the type a group simply leaves over cash, even if the speculative cycle will have you think otherwise.

If Baltimore can’t strike a long-lasting handle Jackson prior to the franchise tag due date, it’s safe to anticipate the Ravens to put the tag on the quarterback, paying him approximately the leading 5 quarterback wages for one year. The rate will be a substantial portion of modification, however that was constantly going to be the truth for the Ravens, particularly after the division-rival Browns handed Deshaun Watson a enormous, totally ensured agreement in 2022.

” Any handle Lamar is going to impact the income cap,” DeCosta stated. “Whether we get a long-lasting offer done or we do an unique franchise or a standard franchise. It’s going to impact the cap, I suggest those are huge, huge numbers. We’re lucky that we have a much better income cap than a lot of. We have a lot more space than a lot of groups do, which was by style 3 or 4 years back.

” I believe among the important things that we saw years ago with Joe (Flacco). When we needed to do Joe’s, we didn’t have adequate space to franchise Joe at that time. We kind of prepared appropriately. We have a lot of wage cap area that we can utilize that produces some element of versatility with us contract-wise and likewise franchise smart. It offers us a couple various choices. Regardless, it’s not going to be a circumstance where the market is open and we’re simply going and signing people left and. That’s not going to take place.”

A franchise tag would protect Jackson’s services for 2023, however might likewise develop a stalemate. Some franchise-tagged gamers (e.g., Davante Adams) wind up getting dealt in other places, while others remain of offseason activities in what is their finest approach of resistance to the tag.

” That’s something we’re not going to discuss,” DeCosta stated of the idea of amusing trade deals for Jackson. “Our particular focus is getting a long-lasting offer.”

The Ravens are hoping their relationship with Jackson– which may not be as steady as one would believe, thinking about how Jackson acted upon social networks following Baltimore’s loss to Cincinnati on Super Wild Card Weekend– will be strong enough to prevent a standoff.

” I indicate there’s no warranty it’ll go that method. You cross those bridges when you get there,” Harbaugh stated. “There’s a history of that with people that are provided the tag, however Lamar’s a special man, too. He’s not beating to everyone’s drum. He does his own thing the method he wishes to do it. Those things will all come down the roadway as they come and we’ll change and adjust as we face them.”

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