How to get our SEC Unfiltered newsletter delivered straight to your inbox this football season

How to get our SEC Unfiltered newsletter delivered straight to your inbox this football season

Water isn’t free, but our SEC water-cooler discussion is. I’m inviting you to join me there to partake in the chatter about our favorite sport, college football.

Our SEC Unfiltered newsletter from the USA TODAY Network has become a gathering spot for conversation about the hottest topics in the nation’s most dominant conference. We’ve attracted readers from West Texas to East Tennessee and everywhere in between with our bold commentary, behind-the-curtain nuggets on the teams you love and a steady supply of rankings and outside-the-box ideas we present to fans for consideration.

Come partake in the banter, eh? We’ve got room for ya at the water cooler.

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We’re ramping up our newsletter, increasing to five days a week now that the football season is here.

The newsletter free. Yes, free as in free.

It’s convenient, emailed straight to your inbox. And we cover a lot of ground. We’ll debate rankings. Hot seats. Betting lines. Quarterback decisions. Controversial calls. And I’ll even let you in on the secret of where Lane Kiffin keeps the yellow golf ball a fan pegged him with during a 2021 game at Neyland Stadium.

We’re here with you year-round, too. College football doesn’t have much an offseason nowadays, and we keep the newsletter coming at you hot and fresh even after the football season ends.

This newsletter isn’t the place for stuffy writing or mundane reporting. Just check the name of the newsletter. This is SEC Unfiltered. You can expect unadulterated but reasoned opinions from columnists like myself, John Adams of the Knoxville News Sentinel and Chase Goodbread of the Tuscaloosa News. We serve as the newsletter’s mainstay voices, but you’ll hear from others throughout our USA TODAY Network, too.

No one matches the USA TODAY Network’s depth of revelatory reporting on SEC football. We’ve got reporters based throughout the SEC footprint, including newcomers Oklahoma and Texas, and this newsletter will expose you to their coverage, while also providing a daily dose of chatter from John, Chase, myself or others on our team.

Recently, I took to the newsletter to expand on my proposal that, if the SEC were to expand to 20 programs, it should pursue these four ACC programs: Clemson, Florida State, North Carolina and Pittsburgh.

Oh, boy, let me tell you, did that one stir up debate.

I heard from no shortage of readers who were stunned – maybe even a little offended – at my suggestion that Pitt could fit in the SEC. Other fans loved the idea. Newsletter readers on both sides of the debate found my inbox to weigh in. I enjoyed hearing their spirited feedback, rebuttals, agreement or counterproposals to my expansion suggestion.

Passionate fandom is part of what makes college football so great. This is the newsletter for those fans. But, you don’t have to be a season-ticket holder or a mega-donor to find enjoyment from our briefings that hit your inbox in the morning. We’re here to inform and entertain casual fans, too.

We hope you’ll find our newsletter offers enough voices and variety to provide a little something for everyone. And we welcome you to gather with us this football season at our SEC water cooler.

Blake Toppmeyer is the USA TODAY Network’s SEC Columnist. Email him at and follow him on Twitter @btoppmeyer. Also, check out his podcast, SEC Football Unfiltered.