Tennessee Titans rank 18th in NFLPA survey of best teams to play for, get F in team travel

Tennessee Titans rank 18th in NFLPA survey of best teams to play for, get F in team travel

Based on an NFL Players Association survey of 1,300 players, the Tennessee Titans are the 18th-best team in the NFL to play for.

The NFLPA released its first ever “team report cards” on Wednesday, surveying more than 1,000 players about their current teams in eight categories. The Titans rank 18th out of 32 teams in overall grade, but most of their grades rated as “slightly above average,” and coach Mike Vrabel ranked among the most favorable coaches to play for.

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The Titans grade between A- and B- in six of the eight categories, but scored a C in locker room quality and an F in team travel. The Titans didn’t rank better than 12th in any category but fell between 12th and 18th in six of eight categories.

The Titans’ full grades:

  • Treatment of families: B- (tied for 16th)
  • Food service/nutrition: B- (tied for 13th)
  • Weight room: B (tied for 18th)
  • Strength coaches: A- (tied for 17th)
  • Training room: B- (tied for 12th)
  • Training staff: A- (tied for 15th)
  • Locker room: C (20th)
  • Team travel: F (tied for 28th)

The NFLPA said the Titans’ ranking in team travel was so low because they are one of six teams that make young players have roommates on trips, and are one of seven teams that don’t offer first class seating on flights. Only 66% of Titans players surveyed indicated they think they have enough room to spread out on trips.

The Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins and Las Vegas Raiders received the highest marks from the league. The Washington Commanders, Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Chargers received the three lowest grades.

Nick Suss is the Titans beat writer for The Tennessean. Contact Nick at nsuss@gannett.com. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicksuss.