AJ Brown shared Tennessee Titans plays before game vs. Eagles:

AJ Brown shared Tennessee Titans plays before game vs. Eagles:

Former Tennessee Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown shared everything he knew about the Titans offense to his Philadelphia Eagles teammates. As it turns out, according to Brown, that was everything.

Brown appeared on the Raw Room podcast Monday, talking with former NFL players Daren Bates and Jalen Collins about the last year of his life, breaking his silence on many of the aspects of the trade that sent him from the Titans to the Eagles. Brown also spoke at length about the game the Titans and Eagles played on Dec. 4, admitting in the process just how much he helped his defense scheme for the Titans ahead of the 35-10 Eagles win.

“I gave every detail,” Brown said. “I gave every detail. I gave it all. I gave it all. They don’t change nothing. They don’t change nothing. I talked to one of the defensive guys and they say ‘What does this mean? What does this mean?’ I say, ‘Just give me the game film, I’ll tell you what all this means.’”

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The Eagles’ defense stifled the Titans’ offense for four quarters, holding the Titans to 157 passing yards and 87 rushing yards with six sacks. The Titans went 5-for-16 on third and fourth downs and only crossed midfield into Eagles’ territory once in their final seven drives.

Brown said the Titans’ offense was pretty easy to break down and next to nothing changed about their audible calls or hand signals. He said the Titans audible to the left by saying words that have the letter L in them, like “Cleveland,” while a phrase with an R in it, such as “New York,” indicates the ball is going right. Bates joked that most NFL teams use simplistic calls like that as to not confuse their players, so the Titans aren’t alone in their transparency, but Brown also said he gave advice to teammates like cornerback Darius Slay about when the Titans run certain routes and when to jump in front of receivers to try to time for interceptions.

The Eagles’ defense didn’t need all that much help. The Eagles allowed the third-fewest yards and fewest yards per play in the NFL last season, while the Titans had the third-worst total offense and fifth-worst scoring offense in football. But the Eagles’ dominant pass rush made the imbalance even more obvious, sacking the Titans’ quarterbacks six times and hitting them nine times.

Brown said the hardest part about watching the Eagles’ defense dominate from the sideline was knowing quarterback Ryan Tannehill was one of the recipient’s of the defensive line’s beating.

“The whole time watching the game I’m like, ‘Just don’t hurt my dawg Ryan,’” Brown said.

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