New Brewery Alert! Turtle Anarchy Brewing Co.

New Brewery Alert! Turtle Anarchy Brewing Co.

Let me tell you right now, middle Tennessee is at start of a brewery growth spurt. Over the next 12-18 months you could see a half dozen new breweries open up (Fat Bottom, Czahns, Mayday, Black Abbey, etc.).

Turtle Anarchy Brewing Company now has space, a brewer, and is installing equipment at their location in Franklin. Mike Kraft from Cool Springs Brewery will be the head brewer. No word on who will be taking over duties at Cool Springs. I am hearing that we could see beer as earlier as April. If you want to follow their progress, check out their blog.

If you have any official information on the other start up breweries, please send me info so I can post.

Support your local brewery and Cheers!