February – New Brews and Other News

February –  New Brews and Other News

I know I know. Some of this is old news. But for those who don’t follow beer forums and social media, you always have me.

For starters, mark your calendar for February 10 and be in front of your computer at 10 am. Why? The 2nd annual East Nashville Beer Festival tickets go on sale. They will, I repeat, WILL sell out. My guess is by the end of the day. Matt Leff of Rhizome Productions will be organizing this one again, so you know it will be a first rate festival. Click here for ticket info.

Speaking of Matt Leff, he has organized the first ever Nashville Craft Beer Week. It runs March 26-31. Bookmark the web site or join the Facebook group to keep up on the events and news. This guy never sleeps!

Yazoo Hop Project 63 has arrived on store shelves. This is one you definitely want to grab before it’s gone, especially if you are a hop head. This batch of 2000 cases was brewed with the highly-regarded Australian Galaxy hop. According to the Yazoo blog, “it’s got a wonderfully ripe fruity nose, with a long, lingering, and clean bitterness.” I have a six and can’t wait to try it. Don’t forget to check the stamped date on the label to make sure you have the correct version. There is still some 62 floating around. For those that tried the Yazoo Fortuitious (a soured version of Sue) at 12 South Winter Warmer, it’s supposed to be in bottles soon. No firm date that I know of, but I am told it will be extremely limited and only available in select liquor stores.

In about two weeks, you should start seeing beers from Green Flash on the shelves. This is exciting news folks! This brewery has been on my Nashville wish list for a long time. How good are they? I would put them in the same league as Bells, Founders, Three Floyds, etc.  Look for West Coast IPA, Hop Head Red, Double Stout, Palate Wrecker, Le Freak, and Rayon Vert. I am hearing wonderful things about Rayon Vert, which is a Belgian Pale Ale in the vein of Orval and Goose Island Matilda. A big shout out to Curt and Josh at Bounty Bev for bringing these guys to town.

On February 16th at 5:30pm,

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to be at 12 South Taproom. Brooklyn Brewery will be tapping kegs of Brewmaster’s Reserve Mary’s Maple Porter (a debut) and Sorachi Ace. I almost forgot, and a cask of Brooklyn Blast! More info here

Geez – things just keep getting better for the Nashville craft beer scene! My only complaint is that I can’t keep up with everything.