Blackstone Brewmaster Releases How-To Guide For Beer Lovers

Blackstone Brewmaster Releases How-To Guide For Beer Lovers

This is a press release that I received and wanted to pass on. I have always been a fan of Blackstone and Dave Miller’s work. – Smitty

Dave Miller is a legend among craft beer lovers. Two decades ago, he authored one of the most influential homebrewing books ever released, Dave Miller’s Homebrewing Guide. Since then, Miller has gone pro, as Brewmaster at the St. Louis Brewing Company and then at Blackstone Restaurant and Brewery in Nashville, Tennessee. His award-winning beer has earned international recognition; Blackstone alone has won six World Beer Cups and eleven Great American Beer Festival Awards.

Now, Miller returns to the home brewery, this time with professional insights. In Brew Like a Pro, Miller shares the secrets of great draft and pub-style brewing, just like the experts do it. Drawing the best techniques and practices from the pub brewery, Miller includes complete setup plans for a home system that requires just 18 square feet, and he offers recipes for small batches of classic, all-grain brews that stay fresh in kegs for months, eliminating the need for messy bottling.

Miller starts by explaining why he uses only all-grain brewing, rather than substituting malt extract, to make superior–tasting beer. He then delves into everything the reader needs to set up an efficient all-grain home brewery and a draft system for serving fresh, cold beer. From the brew kettle, to the mash/lauter tun and hot liquor back, Miller details everything needed while avoiding expensive, unnecessary equipment. Brew Like a Pro includes descriptions of brewing necessities such as quality ingredients and the best cleaning and sanitizing products, followed by explanations of brewing operations. Step-by-step instructions for building the 5-gallon home brewery are then complemented by recipes for popular ale styles that are easy to brew and suitable for beginning all-grain brewers.

Miller’s conversational tone, insider tips, and clear instructions make pro-quality brewing as easy as it is enjoyable. Readers who are ready to take their craft to the next level will be delighted to find a clear, concise how-to guide in Brew Like a Pro.

Brew Like a Pro

Dave Miller
Storey Publishing, December 2012
Two-color, illustrations throughout
272 pages, 6½” x 9″
$18.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-61212-050-8