Bells Brewery Launch Week Has Begun

Bells Brewery Launch Week Has Begun

Hey craft addicts. I am still alive. Besides, who reads beer blogs when you have social media? The reason I came out of hibernation it to announces that Bells is now in Tennessee! As a Midwest native who has been drinking craft beer since 1990, I could not be more excited.

Many thanks to Curt and staff at Bounty Bev for landing them. My wallet is about to be a lot lighter.

As we speak, there are 14 taps on at 5 Points Pizza in East Nashville. There is a launch party at Craft Brewed at 5pm (I will be there with my Bells shirt). Tomorrow there is a tap takeover at 12 South Taproom.

For more information on launch week, visit this Facebook page here

Now back to work. I am drooling on my keyboard as I think about a Fresh Two Hearted Ale that awaits me.