Beer Review- Schlafly Tasmanian IPA

Beer Review- Schlafly Tasmanian IPA

Yeah yeah yeah. It has been a while and I have not been keeping up with the blog like I should. Brandon Jones of Embrace the Funk had some fun pointing that out. But for those on Facebook– The Nashville Beer Geek page and Nashville Craft Beer Aficionados are a good way to stay current on the Nashville craft beer scene.

I figured that I would celebrate my reemergence with one of my favorite styles – IPA. It just so happens that Schlafly has just delivered their Tasmanian IPA to the Nashville market. This is single hop IPA using the Australian Galaxy hop, supported by a  two row pale malt backbone. This sounds right up my alley.

Speaking of Schlafly….Schlafly beer dinner at Ruth’s Chris this Wednesday. $75, includes tax & tip. Scott Shreffler & Stephen Hale, head brewer of Schlafly Tap Room will be guiding the pairings. Reserve your spot 615-320-0163 or

Schlafly Tasmanian IPA
Saint Louis Brewery. -Maplewood, MO
ABV: 7%

Smitty’s Review: Sampled at 45 degrees. Pours golden amber with a white head that dissipates to a ring. Just a tad darker than a typical Pilsner. The aroma is stellar- full of orange blossoms and pineapple. Medium bodied with average carbonation. The juicy hops bombard the palate right from the beginning, with citrus rind coming in mid palate. The attuenuation is perfect, not too dry but with enough residual sugars to compliment the galaxy hops. Extremely assertive and long bitter, resiny finish. Out of the fridge, I found the bitterness on the harsh side, but somewhere around 55 degrees it acheives perfect balance.

This is an outstanding single hop IPA. If you are into hoppy beers, this is a must try. I have had hundreds of IPAs, and this is upper echelon. For what it is, think it’s perfect. I am told by retailers than it’s moving fast. It’s a limited release so don’t wait.This beer will likely have a very short shelf life anyway, so the fresher the better. Worthy of a repeat buy.

Rating*: 10 out of 10
Recommended Food Pairing: Mango salsa, marinated flank steak, Thai food, Carne Asada with pico de gallo
Beer Audience: Hop heads
Where to buy: High gravity craft beer specialty stores like Midtown, Frugal MacDoogal, J Barleycorn, Red Dog, Graces Plaza, etc.

* rating system based on aroma (1 pt), appearance (1pt), palate (2 pts) flavor (3pts), comparison to other commercial examples of the style (3pts)