Realtor Davey Hackett with Village Real Estate wanted to set himself apart from the saturated market of Realtors in Middle Tennessee. He consulted his inner circle, including friend, country singer Thomas Rhett, about different business approaches he could take to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

He identified one thing missing from real estate videos: humor.

Hackett’s first real estate listing video went live Feb. 19 at 10 p.m. and quickly racked up 15,000 views on Facebook alone. It didn’t hurt that the video featured the “Welcome to Nashville” guys Austin Bever and Colin Cooper (known online as Austin and Colin), who have hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and country star Walker Hayes, whose Thompson’s Station home was for sale and was the subject of the video.

Although star power or not, Hackett is convinced injecting some humor into real estate listing videos will work — no matter who you are.

“Walker was certainly the perfect person to do this with for the first time,” Hackett told The Tennessean. “I think it was right up his alley. It’s awesome this was the first one because there are so many eyes looking at it because of Walker. It fits his personality, but I think it gives everybody an opportunity to say ‘I can’t wait to see what the next one’s like.’ I want people to say ‘I wonder what they’d do if I listed my house?'”

And Hackett, who worked with Bever and Cooper, co-owners of Mac N’ Cheese Media to produce the videos, already has more on the way.

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“I see this as an opportunity to change the game of real estate videos,” Hackett said. “Instead of just walking through the house, we want you to enjoy the videos. We have another one coming out later this week with a robber and a homeowner. I am looking forward to that one.”

Specializing in humor

Cooper’s company specializes in humorous content for anyone looking to do something that sets them apart.

“We have built this video production business on the premise of people wanting to see entertaining content,” Cooper said. “What’s better than for a Realtor to be on set making humorous videos with fun people while trying to sell a home? He’s a Realtor who wants to have fun on on the job. Life is too short to not do that.”

And the creative process on this particular video just so happened to have had a dream team behind it.

“It was legitimately the perfect storm,” Cooper added. “With Walker being the ultimate down-to-earth, genuine guy who is just out here trying to make music and make people smile, there’s wasn’t a moment on set where it didn’t feel right.”

‘Walker’s House’ – the song

In the video for Hayes’ house, the backbone is of course a song called “Walker’s House.” Funny thing is, Hayes didn’t write it. In fact, nobody did.

Austin and Colin had the idea to type “Write a song about Walker Hayes’ house” into an AI program called GPT Chat. What you hear in the video is basically what the artificial intelligence songwriter bot came up with. While the team tweaked a few things, they also left in a few quirky things. Because, after all, it’s AI — and that’s funny.

“Walker mentioned wanting to list his house, so I showed him the idea of the videos I wanted to create,” Hackett said. “He was totally on board. I started teaming up with Austin and Colin and they came up with the idea of using AI. We showed it to Walker and he loved it.”

Hayes calls it “The worst best song I’ve ever heard.”

“Everyone in my house, including Laney, is walking around singing ‘…at Wal-ker’s house…'” Hayes said. “I can already see it now, people are going to come up to me at a show and ask if I’m going to sing ‘Walker’s House.’ The answer is ‘no.’ But the melody is so good.”

But the basic storyline in the video is true. The creators really did let artificial intelligence write a song about Walker’s house.

“We typed in a few things about Walker’s house and it completely spit out this song,” Hackett said.

Hayes said after meeting with Bever and hearing their idea for the video, he thought it was brilliant. “Why wouldn’t you write a parody to ‘Fancy Like’, but chat GPT is so right now. I thought honestly as a person who works in a creative industry for a living, these guys are legit. That was way better than anything I would have come up with.”

Just getting started

As for future videos, Hackett said he plans to continue to work with Mac N’ Cheese Media and Austin and Colin as much as possible.

“The subsequent videos are going to be just as good,” he said. “I think a lot of them will be even more funny. Selling the house, that’s of course the end goal, but we’re gonna have a good time making them. I mean life is too short not to do that.”

Despite thousands of views of the video and the star power of the homeowner, the home went under contract hours after it was listed by a buyer who didn’t know Hayes and hadn’t seen the video.

But in this case, the reaction to the video is much bigger than a home sale.

“I want Davey’s business to explode,” Hayes said. “He’s smart to set himself apart in this way. He will be an influencer and a Realtor if he continues this. That’s just business 101 these days. If you are making smoothies, writing songs or working at a gas station, you have to draw customers in a different way. The whole marketing thing these days is a new experience.”

Melonee Hurt covers growth and development at The Tennessean, part of the USA TODAY Network — Tennessee. Reach Melonee at mhurt@tennessean.com.