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THE FACT that Party Down handled to go back to television after more than a years away is type of a wonder in and of itself. The truth that the program handled to restore– practically– it’s whole cast, consisting of stars Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen, Martin Starr, Jane Lynch, and Megan Mullally, is possibly a lot more remarkable.

But, regrettably for Party Down fans, those words “almost” do imply somebody was not able to return. Which’s Lizzy Caplan, who in the initial 2 seasons of the program played the dry-witted hopeful funny star Casey Klein, whose typically excellent ambiance and will-they-won’ t-they relationship with Henry Pollard (Scott) both existed strongly within the heart of the program.

Party Down continues for Season 3. Caplan’s Casey is not present, and rather a brand-new character– a motion picture manufacturer played by Jennifer Garner– actions in as a brand-new romantic interest for Henry. And while there’s hope that Casey might return eventually, even in a possible Season Finale cameo, there’s great factor regarding why Caplan wasn’t able to make it work for most of the revival season.

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Why isn’t Lizzy Caplan in Party Down Season 3?

lizzy caplan casey party down


While Party Down has an in-universe description for why Casey Klein isn’t in the program (more on that listed below), the reason starlet Lizzy Caplan isn’t in the program is quite easy: scheduling. Caplan was not available for Party Down due to disputes with the timing associated to her function in 2015’s Fleishman remains in Trouble

” We felt truly lucky to get as a number of the cast members as we did; regretfully Lizzy was not one of them,” co-creator Rob Thomas stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Thomas included that individuals behind the program questioned whether it might even be carried out without Caplan’s existence, however figured that the window they got– making it deal with Scott’s Severance schedule and right before Lynch will star in Funny Girl on Broadway– was as excellent a possibility as they were going to get.

” Listen, we get it,” Hansen joked with the Times. ” She worked, whatever. I suggest, I personally refused a Marvel motion picture to do Party Down.”

If I think of it for too long, I begin to weep,” Caplan informed The New York Times in an email She plainly still feels highly about the program, as the Times story explained that she sent out cupcakes to the story’s photoshoot, and included an enthusiastic remark around a (fingers crossed!) 4th season: “You much better think I’m not missing out on that a person,” she composed.

The wish for the future is shared. “How the Casey– Henry relationship would develop was going to be a big part of the 3rd season prior to we learnt that Lizzy could not do it,” Thomas informed Wired. ” We were eagerly anticipating playing out those beats, so hope springs everlasting that we’ll get to do more one day.”

How does Party Down Season 3 describe Casey’s lack?

lizzy caplan casey party down


While Party Down‘s initial two-season run ends with Casey’s imagine ending up being a popular comical starlet rushed in heartbreaking style– she reserved a function in a Judd Apatow motion picture, just for her scene to become cut– Season 3 lets us understand that in the last years plus, Casey did end up making it. Simply not in the method she most likely pictured.

In Episode 1 of Season 3, where Party Down is working an occasion that their old associate Kyle (Ryan Hansen) employed them for to commemorate his landing a significant superhero function (as the imaginary “Nitromancer”), it’s pointed out that Casey was at one point a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

However, a tabloid home entertainment report that Henry sees on television indicates that Casey has actually because proceeded from her SNL days, and now stars on a procedural criminal activity program called The Stabilizer, where she’s the program’s partner and possibly dating the star. and she exploded from it. Roman (Martin Starr) remarks that she “succeeded doing quips and zingers on some dumb program for Boomer fascists,” though it’s uncertain if he’s describing the creatively-stale procedural program, or is being especially hard on Saturday Night Live. Either method– Casey’s doing OK! And perhaps we’ll be fortunate sufficient to see her in the Party Down– iverse once again in the future

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