VGM increases revenue with better data for business intelligence


VGM & & Associates, a huge service company for post-acute health care, serves countless various suppliers of all various sizes, from single independent practices to big local and nationwide chains.


When challenged to use them more precise organization intelligence, VGM understood the requirements of all of its members were rather various. There’s a requirement to assist members much better comprehend and end up being more effective in their particular markets, which essentially suggests they wish to discover and deal with more clients.

” We’re constantly seeking to supply a higher level of market intelligence and permit our members to assist them to do company more effectively, whether that’s determining who the crucial physicians are recommending specific items in their market, or finding which payers are actively repaying for a specific item at what specific rate; or truly even supplying volumetric services to various producer and supplier partners out there,” stated Ryan Ball, vice president of VGM Market Data, a department of VGM & & Associates.

” Basically, VGM just had access to nationwide information, and our members required more nuanced, targeted details to much better run their services,” he continued. “So we saw a chance to offer them with regional and local details, especially information on business claims, to provide a much better image of their local markets and the clients they serve.”


VGM relied on LexisNexis Risk Solutions, a supplier of localized market information, to name a few things

VGM serves the resilient medical equipment-provider market, so there are several suppliers that might possibly determine volumetric details on medical diagnoses, what treatments were carried out or what drugs possibly were recommended by a specific doctor.

” Specific to DME items that are constructed under HCPCS codes, we discovered that LexisNexis Risk Solutions was the very best alternative provided their ties to health care and all the specialized details they have,” Ball stated.

” When the supplier initially pitched to us, they used a targeted view of pertinent doctor markets.

” So instead of taking a look at the million physicians we can see actively detecting obstructive sleep apnea or COPD, we can take a look at the 100,000 physicians we can see actively linked to a claim for a CPAP device or an oxygen concentrator,” he continued. “So, we can truly focus and get a great deal of nuanced details that other suppliers merely could not supply.”

LexisNexis Risk Solutions had all the information and details required to provide VGM members precise insights appropriate to running their practices, he included.

” The supplier had a great deal of appropriate business claims information that truly wasn’t offered in the market formerly,” Ball stated. “And ever since, VGM has actually simply continued to develop on our relationship. Our subscription feels the details they’re getting is precisely what they require.

” Being able to put your services in the hands of more appropriate clients is a win-win on both sides,” he competed. “Ultimately, we’re able to supply access to doctors– perhaps to suppliers and clients who are off the beaten course from a geographical location perspective, or to companies with truly specific niche services– which keeps those practices running and serving clients.”

The more those companies can concentrate on client care, and the less they require to concentrate on sales and marketing, the much better off a neighborhood is going to be, he included.


VGM initially began dealing with LexisNexis Risk Solutions when the supplier’s MarketView item was brand-new.

” While we began for the very first a number of years of our collaboration providing to our members something comparable to a Microsoft Excel workbook, now that information feeds straight into our web-based information visualization tool called VGM Market Data,” Ball described.

” The discussion has actually truly altered the video game in regards to having the ability to place information to business,” he continued. “We’re able to go a lot much deeper and actually reveal our members the worth. We’re able to truly target market details based upon their market location in such a way we could not do in the past.”

That’s been an advantage for VGM the last couple of years.

” So what we did is generally take that underlying information set and produce a lot easier method for our consumers to engage with it,” he stated. “You understand, sales directors, clearly marketing directors and folks that operate at the executive level, there’s a number of various usage cases here for them.

” A great deal of folks at the executive level are being asked to measure their market share and establish some seriously comprehensive development strategies,” he continued. “To do that, they require to comprehend their competitors and what chances they need to broaden. They have some hard concerns to respond to, however now they have the tools and information needed to discover out.”


VGM and its members now have access to near-real-time claims information updates, and the claims information went from national-level just to now being limited to a regional level to much better satisfy business requires based upon geographical footprint and focus.

” And for us, as we began feeding MarketView information into our visual platform, we have actually had more members register and we’ve seen a boost in earnings for our services,” Ball reported.

” But our members likewise see their own enhancements,” he included. “They’re much better able to browse the complex supply chain we have in DME today, and a great deal of them have actually had the ability to discover brand-new clients, broaden into brand-new markets, and truly fulfill their service objectives. The feedback we are getting is all really favorable.”

One VGM member, DASCO, a medical devices provider, has actually reported seeing a 5-8% yearly boost in sales year over year due to making use of VGM Market Data. As the information supplied has actually enhanced, so did DASCO’s earnings. “And the story is the very same for a great deal of members,” Ball stated.


” Don’t develop a shotgun technique and goal broadly when wanting to fill a market requirement,” Ball encouraged. “Come up with a targeted method that permits you to truly concentrate on where you wish to grow. What’s the most crucial location where you seem like you can make the most affect? You need to respond to that, then you can establish a method and discover encouraging innovation.

” Anything you utilize requirements to be able to actually focus and narrow things down, otherwise its worth will be restricted,” he continued. One likewise requires to be able to use whatever information one is provided, he even more recommended.

” Even if a supplier supplies the very best information on the planet, it’s ineffective if you can’t understand it,” he concluded. “It will simply rest on a rack. You have to figure out how to really incorporate it into your underlying organization operations, and then hold individuals responsible for what you’re asking them to do.”

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