The Entire Dutton Family Tree From 1883 to Yellowstone


John Steinbeck as soon as related a book with a “wedge driven into a male’s individual life.” The much shorter the book, composed Steinbeck, the more quickly eliminated the wedge. A long book– in truth a really long book, possibly his own East of Eden— sticks around for a while. It sticks around. The very best stories are these, Steinbeck believes, the ones that stay for a while, like a wedge in one’s life. And, for that reason, the very best stories are long stories. In some cases, long stories.

Yellowstone is a long story. Now over 5 seasons and incorporating (up until now) 2 spinoff series, the Yellowstone universe takes the legend of the Dutton household back 7 generations. It’s thought we’ll be getting stories for each generation. It Steinbeck terms: that’s a quite huge wedge.

There are other factors to compare the Sheridan-verse to Steinbeck (and we’re not stating author Taylor Sheridan is a modern-day Steinbeck, however we’re likewise not not stating he’s some modern-day version of the American author)– tradition, generational strife, morality on the edge of metropolitan growth, and individuals being awful variations of themselves and enacting ruthlessness on others. Household worths.

Another resemblance: a great deal of goddamn characters.

Trying to discuss everybody in composing– what with all the Johns and Jacks and variations thereof– would be a lot more complicated. We have a diagram:

dutton family tree

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There is some things to compose about, however, so stick around. We’ll attempt and keep this uncomplicated.

Warning, nevertheless: Everything to follow consists of spoilers for 1883, 1923, and Yellowstone

For the function of this written analysis, we’re concentrating on each generation of Dutton by blood, which primarily makes up the guys; up until now, no Dutton born woman has actually brought to life the next generation. Elsa passed away on the Oregon Trail. Beth was disinfected throughout her abortion treatment. The Dutton household, while kept together by its matriarchs (all Dutton partners appear to outlive their other halves– with the exception of Evelyn), is patrilineal.

This patrilineal family ends with Tate Dutton. (Jamie Dutton’s kid is, a minimum of by name, likewise the youngest children of this household.) Tate likewise represents the seventh generation of Dutton, which is very important. We’ll describe that later on.

There are still a great deal of holes delegated be filled. We still do not understand whether John Dutton II (that’s the dad of Yellowstone‘s John Dutton) is the boy of Jack and Elizabeth or the kid of Spencer and Alex. But let’s simply presume we get to John Dutton II in some way.

Anyway, here’s a fast breakdown of the Dutton household.

The highlighted names represent the patrilineal line.

Generation 1

dutton family tree


Jacob Dutton, James Dutton

The very first prequel series 1883 follows James. He is the chronologically very first Dutton patriarch we have actually fulfilled so far. In 1883, James and his partner, Margaret, leave Tennessee with James’ sis and niece– both of whom quickly pass away. The Duttons will reach and settle the Yellowstone throughout this journey, losing their child Elsa at the same time. James later on passes away in 1893 after being shot by horse burglars.

The temporal space in between 1883 and 1923 is certainly 40 years. The plot space in between these 2 dates is likewise something quite big. Eventually, James’ sibling, Jacob, organizes the Yellowstone and turns the land into a little empire.

Both siblings deal with risks to their land, a concept that will finish the generations of Dutton. This “United States or Them” mindset will be acquired in addition to the land– and maybe to the point of fear and individual unraveling.

Generation 2

dutton family tree


Elsa Dutton, John Dutton, Spencer Dutton

Kinda draws for John– having actually endured the Oregon Trail and the subsequent forty years of ranching just to get assassinated on his method back from town. Hi that’s life in the west. For the other brother or sisters, things are likewise quite rough. Elsa passes away on the Oregon Trail. Spencer is young enough to be employed throughout the very first World War where he combats and is permanently haunted– similar to his descendent Kayce, who works as a Navy SEAL and returns with PTSD.

So far, Spencer’s story is the just one exposed from this generation.

Generation 3

dutton family tree


Jack Dutton

Jack might be the dad of Generation 4. So might Spencer. Far, it’s uncertain. Jack appears to have actually acquired much of his wild energy from his auntie, Elsa. 1923 seems setting Jack up for a similarly crucial character arc. His fate is still unidentified.

Generation 4

dutton family tree


John Dutton II.

Little is learnt about John Dutton II– most especially, his adult family tree. We initially satisfy John in Yellowstone, where he appears in a flashback scene with his kid, John Dutton III. The dad passes away watching out over his land. He offers the land to his kid, the most current Dutton patriarch.

Generation 5

dutton family tree


John Dutton III, Chance Dutton

John points out Chance throughout the burial of Lee in the Yellowstone pilot. We do not understand excessive about Chance, just that he is John’s bro and might have passed away in giving birth. His tomb is not marked by dates.

Generation 6

dutton family tree


Lee Dutton, Beth Dutton, Kayce Dutton, ( Jamie Dutton)

The primary generational dispute in the Yellowstone universe happens here. Initially, prior to the series broadened in area and time, Yellowstone appeared to establish a dispute of succession. An aging and infected John Dutton was most likely going to pass the cattle ranch on to among his kids. This stress, nevertheless, appears to have actually vaporized together with John’s health problem. That concern of succession now seems securely settled in favor of Kayce. Jamie– the adopted kid and possible Brutus figure of the series– might still declare some part of the land.

The significant stress in this generation, succession aside, is the brother or sister competition in between Beth and Jamie– a dispute start as quickly as Beth’s succession claim was eliminated: Jamie sanitized Beth without her permission.

It’s an untidy generation of Dutton, however will likely end with the land being travelled through Kayce to his own child.

Generation 7

dutton family tree


Tate Dutton, (Jamie II.)

Maybe the series spins time forward to consist of one last battle over the land– in between the genuine and invalid Dutton successors– however we sort of doubt it.

One factor for questioning is the prophesy. When James Dutton settled the Yellowstone (or rather, was talented the Yellowstone by a native people), a tribal leader informed James that after 7 generations, they would reclaim the land

Tate represents this last generation. He is likewise a member of among Montana’s tribal countries, making the prophesy real no matter whether Tate keeps the land or bestows it to the people.

We presume Yellowstone will likely end with some mix of these occasions.

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