People With Autism May Feel Pain More Intensely: Study


By Cara Murez

HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, Jan. 31, 2023 (HealthDay News)– People who have autism feel discomfort at a greater strength than others, which is the reverse of what lots of think to be real, brand-new research study recommends.

The dominating belief is that those with autism are indifferent to discomfort, potentially since of a propensity for self-harm. “this presumption is not always real,” stated Dr. Tami Bar-Shalita, of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University in Israel.

” We understand that self-harm might originate from efforts to reduce discomfort, and it might be that they harm themselves in order to trigger, automatically, a physical system of ‘discomfort prevents discomfort,'” Bar-Shalita stated in a university press release.

The scientists would like to know whether individuals with autism harmed more than the basic population.

About 10% of the basic population struggle with sensory modulation dysfunction, Bar-Shalita described. That implies a level of sensory hypersensitivity that can disrupt regular everyday performance, such as having problem neglecting or adjusting to buzzing or flickering lights or humming of air conditioning unit or fans.

Past research studies have actually discovered that individuals with this sensory modulation dysfunction experience more discomfort, Bar-Shalita stated. This dysfunction happens in individuals with autism at a rate of 70% to 90%. It is among the requirements utilized to identify autism and is connected with autism intensity.

The research study consisted of 52 grownups with high-functioning autism and 52 healthy individuals. Scientists utilized psychophysical tests to examine discomfort to take a look at the link in between stimulus and action.

A scientist, utilizing a computer system, would manage the period and strength of stimulus. The individual taken a look at was asked to rank the strength of the discomfort on a scale of 0 to 100.

The research study discovered that individuals with autism injured more which their discomfort suppression system is less efficient.

” The common belief was that they are apparently ‘indifferent to discomfort’, and there are reports that medical and other expert personnel treated them appropriately. The outcomes of our research study show that in many cases, the level of sensitivity to discomfort of individuals with autism is really greater than that of the majority of the population, while at the very same time they are not successful at efficiently reducing agonizing stimuli,” Bar-Shalita stated.

” We hope that our findings will benefit the specialists and professionals managing this population and add to the development of customized treatment,” Bar-Shalita stated.

The research study was moneyed by the Israel Science Foundation. Findings were released in the journal PAIN

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SOURCE: Tel Aviv University, press release, Jan. 29, 2023

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