How This Ukrainian Actor Is Helping His Military, One Jacket at a Time


A CURTAIN hangs behind Oleg Zagorodnii, vertical folds you ‘d see shrouding a phase. He’s a star by trade. In 2021, he starred in Firebird, a Soviet-era love movie that was made in Estonia. Zagorodnii states he imagines one day going to movie theater premiers in Hollywood, the heavy velour parting to expose brilliant lights and a swelling soundtrack. From his house in Kyiv tonight, the drapes smother the weak overhead light prior to it can leave– no simple targets. “I do not wish to do this bullshit with Russia,” he states. “I desire our self-reliance.”

Zagorodnii, 35, is strong-jawed, with the week-old beard his nation’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has actually made almost as emblematic of wartime as the yellow and blue of the flag itself. Dark eyes contrast with reasonable skin, with brown hair nicely parted and swept from his face. He appears like a star. He appears like a design. He was both prior to Russia got into. Now, in wartime, Zagorodnii has actually embraced brand-new functions: neighborhood organizer, charity event, and military consistent designer. “It’s more crucial now to do what I do,” he states.

It remained in the early days of the intrusion, when the nation held its breath to see what would take place next, that Zagorodnii initially pictured garments style. A seamstress, with whom he ‘d operated in his modeling days, was recently jobless– no requirement for style homes when your real home is being shelled. Around the exact same time, a friend, just recently employing in the military, connected in desperate requirement of warm clothes after being stationed in the mountains with bit more than a thin uniform. Therefore Zagorodnii started linking his experience to the requirement, very first designing a soft-shell, wind- and waterproof coat. He prepared green T-shirts— multiples were a high-end, and many males “smelled like filthy horse,” he states. Long lasting pants. Warm sweatshirts. These pieces didn’t simply sloppily fill a space; with Zagorodnii’s background, they were customized to fit well: “I understand, when these [ Russians] take a look at them in their”– and he pantomimes field glasses–” they look cool.”

oleg zagorodnii wearing his menswear line

Courtesy of Zagorodnii

So in March 2022, simply a month after Russia’s intrusion, Zagorodnii introduced his military clothes task with his own cost savings, the earnings of a pre-war television job. “We do not have any dining establishments, all clothing stores are closed, all travel, you do not have any chance since you’re stuck in Ukraine,” he states.” [] I can assist our army.”

When he lacked cash, he asked Instagram fans for contributions, and when that failed, he travelled, leaving for Poland on Christmas Eve 2022 to fundraise worldwide. Warsaw, London, Miami, Los Angeles; any place he might get a conference with those who had cash, he fulfilled and pleaded and pitched. He might have simply as quickly declared refugee status and began a brand-new life. That was never ever a factor to consider: “This is my motherland,” he states. “I can’t leave my individuals in this duration. I can’t leave them when we will win.”

It was throughout this whirlwind trip that he satisfied style professional photographer Bruce Weber in New York. Weber wished to shoot Zagorodnii after seeing his function in Firebird, and they invested the afternoon discussing the war. Weber has actually formerly aimed for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Gianni Versace, and others, however he was rapidly drawn to Zagorodnii.

oleg zagorodnii

Courtesy of Zagorodnii

” [Zagorodnii] informed us painful stories of the battles in his area, that made the truth of this war extremely individual,” Weber states. “It’s as if his future is on hold up until there can be peace.”

As Weber photographed Zagorodnii in his Montauk studio, he mentioned how the pieces, with material alternatives, would fit the everyman simply as well as the soldier. When a veteran in the fashion business provides motivation, you take it, therefore Zagorodnii began a complementary style line, Brave +1, to money the military wing.

Brave +1 adapts a lot of the short articles created by Zagorodnii and used by the Ukrainian serviceman for the daily man. The # 1 Green Over Shirt($129), with its notch lapels and four-button position, cuts a shape like many other sports jackets. From the digital camouflage bellows pockets to the Velcro arm spot, it’s simply as quickly seen as an energy piece that pays tribute to the front lines. And simply in case it’s unclear on which side you’re supporting, each product, cut and sewn in Ukraine, consists of a blue-and-yellow affixable spot that checks out “Russian Warship, Go Fuck Yourself.”

oleg zagorodnii

Courtesy of Zagorodnii

” It’s essential, when individuals worldwide use it, what does it indicate,” Zagorodnii states. “It’s the color of brave individuals on democracy’s side. On the best side. On the future’s side.”

With each coat acquired, the revenues produce 3 Ukrainian uniforms. And with every product offered, from trousers to passport covers, the cash is returned into equipping Ukrainian soldiers.

Zagorodnii confesses the war has actually taken its toll on him. His visions of Hollywood? “I do not develop any prepare for longterm– I simply live month by month,” he states. His objectives now are more instant, more concrete. Currently, he’s produced more than 500 garments for the Ukraine armed force, and prepares to develop one thousand more prior to the spring combating season. “And then I hope I will produce uniforms for the triumph parade,” he states.

What keeps him going, and keeps his fellow citizens battling, he continues, has actually been the assistance of those abroad. Those who purchase pieces, contribute cash, or simply post in compassion with present occasions in the nation. “I have a great deal of individuals around me who, every day, ask me, ‘How are you,'” he states. “When I feel we are not alone in this battle, I comprehend we will win.”

Brave +1 might be a little effort in the scope of international politics and modern-day warfare. It’s the collection of little efforts, one guy signing up with another, the cumulative standing up to a getting into force, that produce a beachhead from which to withstand. And, yes, sooner or later even accomplishment.

So yeah, a coat is simply a coat. A set of trousers is simply a set of trousers. The sign itself can suggest so much more than its element materials. “When individuals use this coat, they bear in mind that we still battle,” Zagorodnii states. “And after the war, it’s going to be this sign of huge success.”

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